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Gearing Up for Winter GIVEAWAY! Win an epic spread of tea and Steepware from @theteaspot plus a pair of sunglasses and goggles from @nativeeyewear — gear valued at over $500! We're beyond amped to partner with this rad Colorado company to get you geared up for the Winter!⠀ ⠀
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Winner will be announced on Monday.
Spread your true colors! @barracudatackle has the highest quality cast nets on the market. They spread like butter on a hot pancake. Speaking of pancakes I promise you'll be serving them once you throw a @barracudatackle net. I have a custom black net. If you want a customized @barracudatackle go follow them and leave a DM. They can do almost any color scheme. They also have white nets @boatersrepublic and shops throughout Florida. To all the ladies out there this would be a cool Christmas gift IJS. 🇺🇸⚓️💯 @barracudatackle @barracudatackle @barracudatackle #teambarracuda #castnet #net #fishing #blackedout #bait #redfish #trout #snook #tarpon #flounder #new #sick #revolution #awesome #real #tampabayfishing #blackneckadventures #nativeeyewear
Today I chartered a lifetime friend @langstons_utility_buildings and some friends of our from High school. They caught snook all day long. They allowed me to join in on the fun of plucking fish galore. We reminisced about the old days and talked about probably every in our years books. Today was so much fun I'm thinking about offering discounts to all my classmates from Cork elementary all the way to Plant City High School. If you were a bus patrol no discount for y'all. Sorry I wanted to be a BP so bad but I never got picked so forget y'all! I'm still butthurt and bitter. 😂💯🇺🇸⚓️#Corkcougars #snook #snook #trout #friends #blackneckadventures #nativeeyewear #powerpole #gillz #teambarracuda #teamsunsect #friends
“It's quiet on the river this morning
Ain't nobody on the water but me
But the sun is comin' on
And it won't be long
'Fore there's a little more wake
Comin' in this creek”
-Shovels & Rope

Not exactly a Creek I was in....but it was definitely quiet this morning and once the sun came out I started to see some folks. Good thing I am a “young buck” as an older gentleman called me today and can get up and down the steep and rocky banks, I had an entire stretch to myself today thanks to that.
Yesterday I got my personal best & worse and both of them meant the same to me! They both thumped the bait and they both got their eyes crossed when I set up on them. 😂 I carefully released the big girl and I made sure I burped the baby snook before I released her to 🍼👶🏾🤣💯🇺🇸⚓️ #blackneckadventures #snook #fishing #nativeeyewear #gillz #mustadhooks #13fishing #boatersrepublic #powerpole #clenzoil #teamsunsect #olukai #bigfish #dink
Steppin' out 💃 I am a "high-low" dresser upper. I like the juxtaposition of a little raw with refined, so I paired my first-ever copper, foldformed earrings from years back with my fave pencil skirt [••] Why don't ALL pencil skirts have pockets!? 👜 #metalsmith #pencilskirtwirhpocketsforthewin #fryeboots #nativeeyewear

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