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F A L L 🍁 Hoping to make it through Fall without tripping over Lainee when we walk anywhere with leaves. She LOVES chasing after them and thinks that any sort of slight upward/sideway movement of a leaf is an invitation to jump after it. . . It is pretty cute because her ears flop around when she hops so you win some you lose some but mostly she wins always. #laineelouhou #fall #🍁
Although Kamala and Murphy did not get adopted at the cat cafe they had such a good time! Now they are resting at home after a fun-filled day! #catsonrugs
Happy face! 🐶❤😍
Positive results, through Pawsitive care.
We’re in week two of directional training with Ranger. The first week really focused on “with me” as he follows the treat (and eventually us) as we walk forward and turn corners. This week, we’re working on “back” which has surprisingly been tough to get down. We’re just getting there and have seen a lot of progress tonight! All of this effort now will help us as we continue to take him in crowded spaces and ultimately a flight to Seattle at the end of the year.

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