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I just asked SIRI how many days until the New Year and my JAW fell open! Do you know how many days are left in 2017?!
I AM SO EXCITED!! The last couple days,I have been DEEP in my #GirlBoss rabbit hole working on a PRIVATE EXCLUSIVE GROUP just ror me and my ladies to tackle that NYE dream body NOW!
This will be unlike ANY other group and I'm ECSTATIC -- GIDDY -- about it!!
Going to play with exploring THREE different eating plans in the next two months (marching strong into 2018):
Intermittent Fasting
High Protein/Low Carb
Paleo (or Vegan)
w/ menus and plans for all of the above. PLUS "normal" styles of eating too, if you prefer!
Yup - love Crossfit? Yoga? Running? Barre? Beachbody OnDemand Workouts? Zumba? Spinning? >> OR ARE YOU LIKE ME AND <3 A MIX OF IT ALL? 🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️
Thats okay! .
Your commitment is to entrust your NUTRITION in me and your weight/health goals and then we'll find the "move your body" regiment that works for YOU!
This is going to be SO FREAKING FUN!
I'm hosting a 3 day SNEAK PEEK starting this mid-week so if you'd like to be part of this private 'informational group' comment below I <3 MY LBD (aka little black dress) and I'll ADD YOU!
<3 READY?! I AM!
#littleblackdress #lbd #fitnesschallenge
9 words.
Life is too short to stress the little things🍂
Eagle handstand was the challenge for day 7 of #wejustwannahandstand and omg did it challenge me 🙉 I’ve never attempted this variation before but after a few tries I was able to hold it for a solid 3 seconds or so 😂 but hey, it’s a new pose to improve on!! HOSTS: @tiny.kirsty @yogidslvo @yogiaubrey @allykborn
SPONSORS: @gomacro @dharmabumsactive @hiittoinvert @liforme
There are very few human beings who receive the truth, complete and staggering, by instant illumination. Most of them acquire it fragment by fragment, on a small scale, by successive developments, cellularly, like a laborious mosaic. -Anais Nin

Thank you friends and yogis for a wonderful week 🖤I love fall in CO !! Home sweet home 🍃🍂🍁🍄
I'll be back next week for my birthday, looking forward to some spanks xxx 💋💃🏽🔥🐈
Me lembro como se fosse ontem,este foi meu último dia de aula na #índia ha 1 ano e meio atrás,como fui uma boa #aluna resolvi que merecia cabular a última aula de #asanas porque queria poder ver o #sol se pôr e praticar um pouco sozinha ao #arlivre,encima do telhado da escola;um puta lugar irado com uma vista irada e que ninguém usava pra nada.O mais legal é que acabei incentivando o professor a usar o telhado para dar aulas e hoje vejo minha #evolução não apenas nas #poses mas no meu #eu,nessa pose não conseguia segurar os dedos do pé com a mão e hoje em dia meu corpo se acostumou com ela,memorizou o movimento,as articulações estão desenferrujadas,tenho maior #controle da minha #respiração,não me distraio facilmente,me #observo sempre,minha atenção é maior.A #flexibilidade é apenas uma consequência da pratica diária,só que esse não é o real motivo do #yoga,eu pratico por mim,na busca da minha #essência,da minha própria #natureza 🙏 @omshantiomyoga
"Hey, Adam, what you're feeling is called lust. It's natural and needed. It drives us to have sex, it's how our species survives. If Eve feels it, go for it, and make sure she climaxes too. If she doesn't want to have sex, that's okay. You can either masturbate, learn how to ground your sexual energy, or learn to channel it into inspiration - artistic, athletic, or whatever." How different would our world be if that was the conversation that happened? Instead, it was Eve's fault for tempting Adam. And since her sexuality had this horrible effect on him, he became the victim who lost control. So, sex can be okay, but only if you're married, since that makes her your property to do that with. And you can only do that with her, only if it's to make babies, as your duty to make more humans, since it's the only way we can. But you should both feel bad.
We wonder what's wrong with society? We wonder what's wrong with men? Maybe, since most men are taught they should not have or feel feelings, when feelings happen they do not have a way to deal with them. Lust being one of those feelings. That assault is a projection of feelings we can't handle. Blame and shame. You suffer for making me feel this lust I can't handle. Why don't more women come forward? Uhhh maybe because we used to be and still are stoned to death for the feelings we arouse in men? Maybe because we used to be called witches and get burned at the stake for it? Maybe because in some countries, to prevent this from happening, girl's genitals are cut and sewn shut?
The most sexually repressed cultures have the most sexual assault. Centuries of this type of attitude and programming are what's wrong. I'm not defending rapists, but I am reminding us that hurt people hurt people. And men and women have both been greatly damaged by the blame, shame, and guilt associated with lust and sex, passed down to and through us for centuries. #metoo should be #metooduh. How could this unfortunately not happen in a society built on these premises? We create the change by embracing ourselves, our discomfort, our feelings. End the blame, shame, and guilt game. The change starts with us. ❤
I hardly ever post for #modivationalmonday but today I looked back on my #tittibhasanaA #fireflypose and noticed improvements😊💫 My butt height is lower on my arms making the toes point towards the ceiling, forcing the arms to straighten further. My legs are higher, closer to my shoulders, really working my hip flexors more. A lot more flexibility in my hamstrings and wrists and my chest is pushing through a bit more making me “hunch” my back a lot less. Still work in progress but I absolutely see improvement and I had to share! 😊#hardworkpaysoff #practicepracticepractice #yogafun #yogagirl #yoga #instayoga #igyoga #peaceloveyoga #yogamom #yogadaily #yogaeverydamnday #backyardyoga #backyardfun #crazysexyyoga #yogamakesmehappy #myyogalife #practiceyogachangeyourworld #practicepracticepractice #practiceyoga #keeppracticing #iloveyoga #yogaaddict #shanti #namaste✌️😊✌😊 #zdoesyoga
El yoga nos conecta con nosotros mismos y también con el mundo que nos rodea, con la naturaleza, los animales, la tierra que pisamos día a día... Nos invita a una pausa en medio de la rutina de la vida, a respirar profundo y sobre todo a agradecer #gratitud 🙏🙏🙏 🌻❤️
I’m just going to leave this right here for you. Regardless if you had an awesome day or an awful day or somewhere in between... remember that this life you are blessed with is breathtakingly beautiful.
A few thoughts to add...
When life is good, soak up every. single. second. Hold that kiss a few seconds longer, savor the sweet moments when getting good news, celebrate your victories. These moments can flash by unless you mindfully embrace them.
When life is awful, take a deep breath. Drink lots of water. Get lots of sleep. Practice yoga. Journal your thoughts. And know that it will not last forever.
And when life is ordinary, find beauty in the small details of life. Allow your mind and body to relax. Eat well & exercise daily. Be kind to others. Spend time with friends & family. Read a good book. And take steps each day towards your goals. These simple days add up to huge things in life.
Life is a beautiful thing!
#mondaymotivation #mondaymood #goodnight #goodnightpost #goodvibes #goodvibesonly #positivevibes #positivequotes #positivevibration #lifequotes #lifeisbeautiful #dailylife #dailyquotes #myyogalife #miyogalife #quotestoliveby #quotesaboutlife #quotesgram #quotesandsayings #inspirationalquotes #inspireothers #happiness #lifegoals #happygirl #yogagirl #feelingood #feelingawesome #positiveenergy #namaste #yogaeverydamnday
alyraff 32m ago
Ain’t no better feeling than finding a studio space you absolutely vibe with. This is my LA spot. 🙏🏽 Eastside Baby
Revisiting a good one! I ran 3 miles yesterday and 75 minute yoga class. I will be doing this routine tonight! ❤️| Foam Roll Hip Flexors | 👇👇 Now that we know if you have tight hip flexors, we can start restoring the length by foam rolling. There is lots of debate on whether you are releasing trigger points or relaxing the muscles while foam rolling. I believe you are helping the muscle relax and warm-up through compression and movement. The receptor in the muscle responds to deep pressure (foam rolling) by relaxing. In this video, I am taking you through a foam rolling series I have done for years. I learned this back in my personal training days and keep it as part of my routine.
1. Anterior Compartment – Foam roll is perpendicular to the front of your thigh. First, find a tender spot and hold there. The second step, glide your foot from side to side four times. The third phase, bend your knee to bring your foot towards your bum four times. Repeat these steps in three different spots on the front of your thigh.

2. Lateral Compartment – Repeat step in #1, but on the side of your leg. Stay in the same position you were in for #1, but internally rotate so your toes point inward toward the midline.

3. Proximal/lateral Compartment – Place the foam roll on the side of your hip just below the top of the pelvis and the head of your femur. You will be in a forearm side plank with the support of the foam roll. Rock back and forth until you find a tender point. Once a sore point is located, hold for 15-30 secs, then find another point. Repeat in three different areas.

#move2improve #myodetox @vinnierehab @aloyoga @docjenfit
Day NINE (17th Oct) of #UpendedAsanas 🎉 And we are asking you to get upside down with Teapot legs 😅 I have the headstand variation pictured here, however @livinleggings and @jbreton22 will have two other inversions for you to try 🤸

As your back leg draws backward and down focus on lengthening through your neck, drawing your shoulders away from your ears, as you root down through your arms onto the floor. This will help stabilise your shoulder girdle and keep the weight off your neck while going into that back bend.
Use the muscles in your legs! Don't let your legs be floppy, use those muscles to fix your legs into a strong position. Floppy legs will only pull you over and out of balance! Point that straight leg, keeping your whole leg flexed 💪

Don't forget to check all the hosts for their variations, and give us all a tag!
@jbreton22, @livinleggings and @meganjoy.m

And our sponsors:
@aloyoga and @strengthandbalances

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