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This little girl never stops smiling!
Today our lives changed a little more with Kadye. Things just got a little more complicated with her already complicated life😣 We have to now check her blood sugar in the am and when she has her shaking spells. Plus, we are back on our reflux meds. If it's not one thing, its another😭
We will be heading back to her specialist and now going to see a nutritionist. Hopefully, we will get some answers soon!! But no matter what... Kayde will always have a smile on her face that will light up a room😍😍
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#mytoughlittlegirl #wewillgetanswers #makingmegrowgreyhairs
On the way to recovery! Praying in 8 short weeks she will be her old self again 😫🐶 #mytoughlittlegirl
Guess whose ready for adoption?! #ShellyBelly 🎉🎉 she has finished her heartworm treatment and is now ready to be adopted! She is available for adoption through Little Paws Dachshund Rescue. Shelly is one of a kind! She is always happy to see you and always wants love. She will make you smile even if you are having the worst day ever! The family who adopts her will hit the jackpot! She gets along with dogs of all sizes and speeds, she enjoys the company of cats, and she even likes tiny humans! What more could you ask for? She is crate trained and working on her house training. She was doing great with it until she started her prednisone for post hw treatment. I'm sure as soon as she is finished with the pred her house training will get right back on track! She is just over a year old and is loving learning what a happy life can be like. #BrutustheBigHead and #AddyBanana will miss their friend when she leaves. #fosterandsave #fosterfriend #heartwormsurvivor #shesatrooper #mytoughlittlegirl #dachshundsofig #lpdr #LittlePawsDachshundRescue #adoptdontshop #dontbullymybreed #loversnotfighters #whorescuedwho #fosterlife
Aella's 2nd year diaversary cake. The next picture is Aella's first day of preschool which was August 13. 2015. Looking at this picture now I clearly see she had type 1 diabetes and I had no idea. It wouldn't be until September 10, 2015 my husband and I took her to the pediatrician where she was officially diagnosed. I thought it was because of the hot summer she was drinking water constantly, lost weight, and was tired. I also noticed she kept food in her mouth while she napped, I wonder if this was her trying to keep her blood sugar up? She completely stopped doing that when she had insulin. I'm so incredibly thankful for insulin but pray everyday for a CURE!
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#2nddiaversary #unicorncake
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4th day of school. I haven't posted in a little while because I've been really stressed. Since Aella's type 1 diabetes diagnosis (almost 2 years ago 9/10/15) she has not been away from me for no more than a couple of hours. Now she is in kindergarten for 6-7 hours and for me it has been hard. She loves school and so far it's going well. The nurse is great and calls me throughout the day to let me know her blood sugars. We also just received her Dexcom g5 and hopefully she will let me put it on her today to help me with the stress I'm constantly feeling at night and when she is away from me.
#type1diabetic #💉 #autismandtypeonediabetes
#t1diabetes #mytoughlittlegirl
My little doll baby had her 2 month shots today and I couldn't be more proud! She took em' like a champ. Doc said she looks perfect and is now 10 lbs!
#growinglikeaweed #2monthshots #mytoughlittlegirl
Saturday morning as soon as Aella woke up she says #bassproshops today. Again?!?! Daddy was starting to feel better so he came too. When we go in the elevator one of us has to carry her because she is scared but she is conquering her fears. She watches a lot of YouTube videos of elevators and I think it helps her because now she asks to ride in them more often.
#fish #mallardducks #elevators #autismfamily #ig_autism #mytoughlittlegirl #autismandtypeonediabetes
This girl made me so darn proud today she brought me to tears! Yesterday she got hit with a horrible flu, and today, even through a fever and continuing to be sick, decided she still wanted to go on stage at 8am for her very first dance competition! Somehow she survived 3 performances and got to be there with her team to take home 3 gold & 2 silver medals. 🥇🥈 I can't say enough amazing things about the teachers at #edcselkirk & how understanding they were in putting her health first. She has full on crashed, but I'm so happy my little trooper didn't miss out on her first competition & this experience with her team 💜 #loveher #mytoughlittlegirl #cndc
Bass Pro Shops is one of Aella's favorite place to visit. She loves fish and learning fish names. My husband walked over to the bbq's-smokers and was looking at a cookbook when a couple walked by and started looking at him. When he looked up at them looking at him, they both jumped because they thought he was a mannequin. 😂 We were there at the time when she needed her lantus and gave it to her right under the mallard ducks. Luckily no one was around to stare at her getting an injection 👀 I'm not taking her to the bathroom everytime she needs a shot. If you don't like needles don't look 🙈

#bassproshops #ducks #mannequin
#letslearnfishnames #shelovesfish #autismandtypeonediabetes #mytoughlittlegirl #💉
Today was an awesome #bloodglucose day at school! Before school she was 158. Her snack today was honest kids juice 8g carbs and 5 gluten free pretzels = about 14 grams of carbs. When I checked her at home she was 140 😁 Preschool is only 2 1/2 hours but a lot can happen when you have #type1diabetes and can't communicate when there is something wrong.
#t1diabetic #t1d #bloodsugar #autismandtypeonediabetes
Aella's #routine before school is to jump onto the red circle. If she doesn't get to do this a meltdown will happen. Her #bloodglucose was 232 which I know is high but she drops quickly while at school.
#autismawareness #t1diabetic #autismandtypeonediabetes #preschool #mytoughlittlegirl
The first thing Aella said to me when I picked her up from school was "see the ducks?" I get so happy when she talks to me, but when I ask her what she did in school, no answer. Her teachers said she had a really good day. Her bloodglucose was 251 when we arrived so I gave her an injection of .5 units of insulin and we fed the ducks and went for a run.
#autismmom #autismawareness #autismandtypeonediabetes #t1d #type1diabetic #mytoughlittlegirl
Our baby had her first shots today! Only cried for a few minutes 😢💔 she took it like a champ 💪 #MyToughLittleGirl #FirstShots