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Enjoying the end of summer #mysummerskin ... p.s save 20% online rn
Margarita (@s_marga) chooses her skin, she chooses #beautyandgo 💘Save when you buy online as we celebrate the end of summer with 20% off #mysummerskin
Adventure girl (@s_marga) looks after her #mysummerskin with Beauty & Go whilst exploring the Balkans! Where have you been this summer?
When I travel, I don't have enough time to lay down by the beach, as I try to stay active and spend most of my time hiking, biking, swimming or walking around. But I still manage to bring home perfect tan after my every trip thanks to @mybeautyandgo Summer Skin drink. It tastes like fresh carrots and is packed with collagen, keratin, vitamins and other goodies that make your skin tan faster and keep that perfect color. Delicious and healthy way to stay golden for longer!
How do you like getting your perfect tan? Laying down by the beach or by staying active?
¡Domingo de piscina y fotosíntesis!☀💦
Y una copita fresquita de @mybeautyandgo que es una bebida multivitamínica para la piel con Macro- Antioxidantes, zanahoria, uvas, coenzima Q10, colágeno y ácido hialurónico 😎🍹
A ver si así mantengo el poco colorcito que me queda 🙊
Disfrutad del Domingo, insensatos 😘

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Good morning ☀️ it's Friday! Lucia (@wildpeonyblog) is getting some ocean air & salty hair #mysummerskin
Beautiful @beapfernandez takes care of her skin under the sun with #mysummerskin 🔥Have you tried the flavour of summer?
Summer skin isn't always your best skin but with these amazing products I was able to keep my skin protected, soft, bright, glowing and transforming back to my best "Ever" skin. Thank goodness for Daylight tinted, Everbright, Youthful, Lavish and smooth! #mysummerskin #everskincare #antiaging #botanical #lsr10 💗🌱💗