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Happy Birthday to my Little Cuz ABoogie!! Keep being the happiest/funniest little guy you are! I love you like crazy and Primo (Tio) "Mito" will always have your back! #HappyBirthday #ABoogie #Adrian #Primos #2 #LoveThisKiD #MyGuy #FamilyFirst #MyShots #JaimitoSon
Happy Birthday to Emmy's Dada @warriordadchris47! We are so lucky to have you! You work so hard so that I can be with Emmy each day and we appreciate it more than you will ever know. I hope 38 is a year full of love and joy!! We love you!
Here is what Chris aka Dada has to say about Emerson being in our lives!
I’ll be honest I’ve probably written, erased and started over at least 15 times on what Emmy and the beauty of Ds has taught me. I just find it impossible to narrow it down to one main thing so I guess I’ll just start typing and see where this goes, so here goes:
When your world changes for the better, everything is good, not just one thing. Emmy has given me a brother and sister hood of people who would do anything for us…and who we would do anything for. She has shown me that the things that I thought mattered, don’t matter at all. She made church (which I have been attending my entire life) finally feel like a community instead of a bunch of strangers sitting in a building for an hour every week. I find myself caring more about the journey of life and way less about the destination.
Aaand I just figured it out: re-reading what I just wrote made me realize what it is that Emmy and Ds has given to me. She has made me see the good in people. I know there will always be knuckleheads out there saying and doing the wrong thing but I’ve learned to let them go, as I’ve got no time for it anymore. I’ve seen how truly good people can be. From the NICU nurses who kept our daughter alive and are still friends with us to this day. To the warrior families that we will be friends with our entire life. To the stranger at church who prayed for us and for Emmy when we brought her to church on oxygen. To how she brings people together in love. To how she brings out the best in people, and on and on and on. She’s made me see that people are good, and they care, and they want to help. Love lives on the 47th chromosome and seeing Emmy and her pals as anything less than love is sad for those who don’t.
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#throwbackthursday engagement pics with my forever boyfriend! Look how tiny we were. 😭❤️ Our original engagement pictures got lost, so we took some quick last minute ones with Nates Dad and they became some of my favorites! Happy Anniversary love. 15 years down, forever to go! 🙌🏻❤️
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Happy birthday to this handsome guy! 😍😍 Can't wait to call you my husband, I love you! 💕💍😘 #happybirthday #fiance #futurehubby #myguy #otherhalf #love #bestfriend #blackandwhite

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