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User Image aloha.kehaulanii Posted: Nov 19, 2017 6:51 PM (UTC)
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's edit

I was bored ok and i didnt know what to edit so i edited my dogggo
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User Image gerardway.exe Posted: Nov 19, 2017 6:38 PM (UTC)
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✨Regrets; no matter what you’ve gone through✨ -
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😊. Account that I love: @mcr_art Even tho I think I tagged em once🤷‍♂️ -
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👻. ⚠️LONG rant ahead⚠️
Okay. I gotta talk about two things: people in my dms like “you do know he beat his girlfriend right” “he’s a monster” “delete your account” etc. I know what he did. Its terrible and gross and I’m not proud of it or anything. I never even ever portrait him in a good way. I hate that he did that but I’m not gonna defend him. I hate the way rap is right now. “Do drugs. Disrespect woman.” Etc. I think it’s terrible. I follow him cuz some of his Music is good in my opinion but most of my edits don’t exactly depict him in a good way. Sorry if you guys don’t like that I did this theme but I consider it as a type of art and not just as me giving him more attention. Most of the stuff I make says something about the people I make them about. Aight topic number dos: Lil peep: may he Rest In Peace. I liked him and his music was great but drug addiction is GLORIFIED in rap culture. This is what happens when dangerous drugs like that get this type of attention. Stop it. There isn’t anything good about these drugs. One of My hero, Gerard Way, used to be on Xanax they’re not good. They can make you suicidal and kill you sooo easily. Rappers need to stop glorifying them. So many people die from them but “hey we should take more” rap culture is so fucked now and I’m sure more rappers will die like this. It’s so sad I don’t want these people to die. It’s terrible sorry for this rant again but I think it had to be said {sorry for spelling errors} - - -
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👽. Where else to find me: -
*personal: @mx.pop.tart
*multi-owner: @internetxfamily
*theme dividers: @threexpartxthemes
*slime: @/slimealena
*Nf: @therapy._.session -
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