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The happiest girls are the prettiest girls. #Danica #MyBestGirl #MiniMe
rose8ud 10h ago
Sure wish I had someone to teach me how to rope... I've got the box and the chute, even have a couple of steers... Just lack the know-how #dreamon #roping #Iwish #quarterhorse #cherrybay #mare #cheval #caballo #horsesofinstagram #Ilovemyhorse #rideordie #Pumpkin #horsemom #equestrian #mybestgirl #ropingbox #teachme
The days are long, but the years are short #mybestgirl ❤️
Here's a very uneventful slide of our fall festival day because I'm trying to get better at not documenting EVERY single move we make. Swipe L.

G wanted to make sure I shared these gems: She & I in front of a tractor WITH her prize sword. She & I in front of said tractor WITHOUT her prize sword. (that she won w/ her game skills, btw). She & I awkward & hot on a hay bale, but she forgot she hates hay & was about to climb up me so yay, life. And lastly G among the pumpkins which we got in trouble for sitting on because we couldn't read a large sign that said, DO NOT SIT OR CLIMB ON THE PUMPKINS.

She pumped herself up ALL night & today to ride the ponies, but when we got there she was overcome by their smell & fear that they'd bite her or buck her off, so we proceeded to have her do some fun inflatable things instead: running inside a giant ball, another giant ball on water, a big blow up climbing thingy... BUT none of the people would let her on unless she removed her glasses. I explained that w/o them she cannot see a hand in front of her face & it's very dangerous for a child who CAN'T SEE. They aren't sunglasses- to which they wouldn't let her on still, to which she was heartbroken & asked us why she had eyes like that & God wasn't answering her prayers to fix them. To which I may have called those people dirty, carnival assholes to J & she overheard me, to which I had to repent. But COME ON.

Fortunately we found some nice, clean bouncy house people who weren't blowing cig smoke in our faces, & she was almost in tears asking to play. Not only did they let her, they hugged on her, & gave her lots of extra time w/o charging me more. God smiled, & I came off the ledge.

It was otherwise a hot, but fun afternoon & we shopped later on.

Doing Whole30 & being unable to eat off the food trucks was real. A man offered me free fresh pop kettle corn & I almost wept. Good news: tomorrow is day 23. I'm down a jean size, 12lbs, & in a new weight bracket. And lots of other medical/mental woohoo's. Excruciatingly disciplined & we aren't even allowed GUM, but man the benefits to whole30 aka paleo on crack rock, are unreal. Planning a whole new life change after this.
What a great weekend. Good food, fun friends, relaxing, memory making, and winning a nail biting Gold Championship!! So proud of my girl and the awesome athlete that she is. #topgun #tophand #softball

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