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3panman 40m ago
Remember how excited I was to finally have all my drums and stuff neatly put away? Well, I got a call for a gig and the first practice is tomorrow night. Totally going to be worth it, though. #drummerproblems #musicianproblems
Well after today’s pretty naff #busk I did at least catch a #headache and perhaps the beginning of a #flu so am calling it a day. I know this season should be #hibernation season but this #musician gotta be able to afford to pay the bills some how...the mind ponders xx #musicianlife #musicianproblems
#day38 when the partner @ascrst is 100 kilometers away and Concert is getting closer.. you get creative 😂😂 my tip : *NEVER EVER* try to turn the pages when you know there's NO break. Just don't do it okay. 😂👭🎻 #100daysofpractice #madness ( solo part played by @ascrst - complete performance in her Bio! , more of me /us @lc_violintube 🎻💗, many thanks to @cjcgn for filming this crazy practice😄) #pyjamapractice - of course
Every artist has to struggle a little, but we can make the WORK you're putting into your music worth it!
I'm so NOT a morning person! Are you? This week I tried to become an early riser (sort of) on the link in my bio to read how it went! #songwriterinmilan #notamorningperson #wakeywakey
I had a perfectly fine arrangement of this ready for a wedding but then I felt compelled to put my own spin on it... #music #woodwind #brass #windquintet #musicarranger #arranger #musicianproblems

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