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Clearly taking my training very seriously! Is this training session number 2? Nope, don’t be silly... this is still a pic from session 1 😬 I am banking on banter and laughter to get me through! Just over a year ago I couldn’t lift my arms, I carted drains around with me and lifting the kettle was an Olympic sport. This Sunday I will run 5 miles, climb obstacles, log carry and crawl... in mud. Poles apart but determination got me through and it will again. Progress is a blessing, recovery is long but laughter can be a constant 💛 #mastectexpect #mastectomy #mudrun #mudchallenge #laughter #breastcancer #letsnotpopatit
Well, this is Ryans before picture. He is about to do a 10k Mud Challenge to raise money for St Giles Hospice. #stgiles #stgileshospice #mudchallenge