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User Image valeriekadosh Posted: Feb 24, 2018 10:17 AM (UTC)
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At the end of the day, all she asked for was a listening ear. Someone she could express herself with, share her dreams and hopes. Share the passion that's within her.
She just asked to be heard. Not understood, but heard. Call it an investment of time and care. But not everyone can see the beauty of risk. Only the ones who were willing to invest and risk it all are the ones who found richness in the unknown. ✌
#peace #love #prettysmile #noexpectations #onlywishes #movingon #feelinglikeliving #newbeginnings #imfine #letsdothis #talktome #maybeimnot #mermaidhair #dontcare #whatevah #yourestillcute
User Image naomigallant Posted: Feb 24, 2018 10:10 AM (UTC)

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Feeling very loved after a sad day leaving such a lovely team, but excited for the next step! #leaving #newchallenge #movingon
User Image ambivalent_author Posted: Feb 24, 2018 9:58 AM (UTC)

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I'm ready to express the real me. Write what I want to post and caption it the way I want to. It's time I took more control. I don't care about the thread, I don't care about the number of followers or the number of likes, the only thing I care about now is that this account stays true to the purpose I made it.
#newstart #newbeginnings #movingforward #movingon #bestrong #breathe #beyourownkindofbeautiful #beyourownhero #beyourownperson #beyourbestself #believeinyourself #writeyourstory
User Image vagamundo361 Posted: Feb 24, 2018 9:29 AM (UTC)

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Yesterday I received a really cool present from Kai Markus @runmysilkroad > who ran from Hamburg to China (yes!): I got a pair of very nice sneakers from him personally, 'nur so', because my logo matches the brand.
361° is my motive for some 15 years already, it goes now with all my many projects and accounts. hamburg361, atelier361 first, reisetipps361 new. Because when I returned (= 360°), I am always thinking of the next move, travel, discovery, therefore my additional 1°. We met and chatted for two hours straight about our world travels. So many interesting stories to listen to in brief, and experiences.
Saw this brand for the first time and allover Rio de Janeiro in 2016 but never again since, until I found Kai Markus' running project.

The new shoes will be part of all my travel's luggage from now on. Unfortunately the company doesn't show the 361° logo anymore on the clothes, like before, but only hidden and small, except for the shoe box. It's a shame because the full logo is the whole point to understand it's message. One degree beyond.

Thank you so much Kai Markus ☺👟🏃 @361europe #buildingbridges #movingon #ambassadors #rolemodels #vaga361
User Image maryanne_leon Posted: Feb 24, 2018 9:29 AM (UTC)

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A bit of advice to all you wonderful ladies ... always remember how amazing you are .. you are beautiful and you are strong .. never let a man devalue you or make you feel you don’t matter .. everyone wants to be heard .. don’t ever let anyone shut you down or use you ... you are powerful and don’t ever let that slip away ... never let anyone contro your thoughts or anyone who tries to doubt yourself .. life experiences are not there to be thrown in your face it’s there to make you strong not weak ... your worth has so much value and love who you are ... we all have experienced some sort of trauma or hurt in our lives don’t let anyone make you feel worthless because of them .. a man who blames and controls your thoughts are not worth it .. believe me and a man who treats you like a worthless piece of crap is not worth it .. find someone who will listen to your feelings and thoughts a man who respects you and admired you and never be a second choice for no one ... believe in yourself and love yourself ... no man is worth trying to break your spirit .. stay strong and move on to someone who will put you up on that pedestal where you belong .. a coward will never own his disgusting actions .. and don’t worry about it .. you keep moving up and onwards ... #photooftheday #beautiful #behappy #bestrong #yougotthis #emotionalabuseisabuse #explore #strength #beyou #makesmehappy #picoftheday #selfworth #joker #instalove #instagram #instagood #instagramer #movingon
User Image thejenniferproject Posted: Feb 24, 2018 9:10 AM (UTC)

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"You can't expect a gallon out of pint size people." -Bishop T. D. Jakes
I no longer have the energy to try to extract out of people what they are determined not to or too dysfunctional to give. It drains me and apparently it frustrates them. What good is it to scream when your pleas fall on self-inflicted deaf ears?My name is Jennifer R. Mitchell and I approve this message!
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