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Power FC temporarily mounted. Need to make something like a plate to mount it too on the tranny tunnel. #apexi #powerfc #jzx100 #vvti #1jz #2jz #2jzgte #cressida #mx83
Bosch 044 and 6ft of 1/2" / 8an aluminum tube to replace the hardline under the car. Still need to buy the rest of the 8an fittings/bulkhead, etc. and put it all in. #bosch044 #anfittings #fuelsystem #2jz #vvti
Can you guess which engine this is? And what kind of car it's installed in? (If you want to cheat, you can just check the @AEMelectronics #MotorMavensBuild contest on
Selling my turbo setup. Going with a different turbo/manifold. T3 twin scroll setup for 2jzgte. Modded ebay manifold with a divided adapter to run a T3 turbo, braced, added a divided T3 flange to space the turbo. Holset HX35 with all oil fittings, a 3" elbow welded, 3" v-band exh. and internal wastegate welded shut. Also have a brand new Apex'i wastegate. Selling as a set with downpipe and wastegate dump or i can seperate it all. Havent figured pricing yet.
Painted the underside of the hood. Also mounted the intercooler and oil cooler. #toolazyforhashtags
Win #AEM Electronics! Our #MotorMavensBuild Thread Contest for February begins now! Enter the contest on and share this with your friends! Good luck!
Oh WTF?! A #MotorMavens reader from GREECE just posted this #MotorMavensBuild thread about this #SR20DET powered #RWDHonda #CRX on our Reader's Blog!!! Crazy! You GOTTA see this.