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🙌🏾 T E N M O N T H S 🙌🏾 #doubledigits #almostone | 📋 #stillnotcrawling #stillnoteeth #candoplanks 🕰 favourite routine is #eatsleeprepeat | i've been doing crazy rotations while on my gut and my bum 🔄🔄🔄 and so i can no longer be left alone on the adult beds | i really really like to sleep on my belly nowadays 🐷 | 🙅🏻🎂 mama replaced my monthly birthday cake with pumpkins 🎃🎃because we have to watch our waistlines before our trip 🇭🇰🎌#3moredays
And it is still raining... 😒☔️.. I was going through some old photos and I found the twins newborn photos 😍. I thought this one was appropriate considering all I feel like doing today is snuggling in bed, rainy weather should definitely be an appropriate excuse to cancel all plans and responsibilities to spend the day snoozing. This photo also makes me clucky for more babies 😳 crazy I know ... 😬😴 photo was taken by the amazing @shannonharthphotographer 📷
⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀
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⬜◻🍦 This wild child is dressed either pretty & petite or rumble tumble tom boy there is no in between ××
▫ As soon as this organic cotton dress by @jamiekaystore arrived from @2littlerascalsnz I couldn't help but try it on her & it's a win win when she's excited as well 💃🏼
This is what happens when I try to take a nice photo of 4/6 of our tribe. 🙈 #thepontzon3 is clearly the ONLY good listener of the bunch!
I find there’s so much pressure in our world today. From ourselves and from society. Pressure to be successful, to have a great career, to be educated, to have nice things, to be this, to be that. I’ve realised that I pressure myself everyday, burdening myself with ‘needing’ to get things done. But I can’t control everything and so it often results in me getting stressed when things don’t go to plan. I become stuck in fight or flight mode. CHRONIC STRESS has a HUGE impact on my mental AND physical health. So I’m going to try to let go and start being more PRESENT. I want to PLAY more, LIVE in the MOMENT more, LAUGH more, CUDDLE my baby without thinking about what I’m not doing more, ADVENTURE and EXPLORE more, CREATE more, CLIMB trees more and JUST ‘BE’ more. When I come to the end of my journey I’d like to reflect on a life where I was at peace and ease not one of distress and dis-ease. Then I’ll consider my life a SUCCESS! #lifeisbeautiful #hauora 📷: @caseykaa
Look at that oxygen free face! So proud of my littler man and how far he’s come. He’s finally wearing newborn clothes, gaining a little weight, and fitting into these adorable @mozzietoezzie booties #oliverzenbrown #3monthsold #andsomechange #preemiestrong #nicugraduate #oxygenfree
Japi ☺
De pasada que ya estaba reciclando sus pisos de goma( los tiene desde los 5 meses) , una foto enmarcando con uno de los lados del color verde.
#framing #kidsphotography #happy #instapic #Photodirector #smartphotography #5mp
snacking on apples and baby face, despite the orchard sign that said ‘no picnicking’. 🤷🏼‍♀️ #getit

also between the apples, pumpkins, fall festivals, etc there are just WAY too many fun things to cram into October, so i propose we double the length of October and remove the month of March. all in favor 🙋🏼
GIVEAWAY// Best little distraction EVER! If you'd like your chance to WIN a little prize pack from OxiClean go visit the blog and enter!! The link is in my profile... Note: prize doesn't include us coming to do your laundry 😉 Photo || #oxicleanchallenge
RAISING 3... 1 home, 3 (5) very different people... Nurturing the INDIVIDUAL inside each of our ladies is probably our biggest (and growing) parenting challenge.
Raising them to be CONFIDENT in the way they were created, ACCEPTING who they are, FINDING BEAUTY in the way they look and treasuring their UNIQUENESS. All while being kind, compassionate and loving towards one another despite our differences. Guiding them to become who they were intended to be, without pressuring them to conform to who or how we think they should be or what would be easier for us to handle.

It has our heads spinning at times... #wednesdaywisdom #parentingchallenges #strongwilledchild #discoveringwhotheyare #raisingourtribe 📷 @madisonandwestlifestyle

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