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I can't believe it's been two years since you were taken away from us 💔 I miss you and I love the fact that this ring is now my wedding band ❤
#rip #grandma #mormor #hvilifred #savnerdeg #missyou #throwback #tb #this #beautiful #ring #special #weddingband #weddingring #sad #loveyou #gonebutnotforgotten
This looks like the cover of a nice novel!
All creds to deebzy on tumblr❤
It took me literally 2 seconds to find out which ones they were😂
Accurate though👌
Det er os bare så hyggeligt når nana kommer og skal sove med sin Nejla 👵🏼👧🏼❤️🍂🍁#verdensbedste#nana#mormor#ferie #Nejlaelskersinnana
🎀Min rampete, fine mormor. Du er den vakreste og sterkeste rosa sløyfen jeg vet om 🎀 Tenk så heldig jeg er som har et så flott forbilde som deg! 💗Det har liksom ikke noe å si hvor mange bryst du har, hvor mange kreftceller som bor i kroppen din eller hvor lenge de har vært der; du lever livet som seg hør og bør uansett 💗For man skal _leve_ når man lever, sier du, resten vet vi ingenting om, men det blir nok fint det også! 👵🏻💗👱🏻‍♀️Mormoren min da vettu💗
Du kan støtte rosa sløyfe-aksjonen ved å vippse en gave til 2266 (merk innbetalingen med rosa sløyfe) -
#rosasløyfe #rosasløyfeaksjonen #brystkreft #brystkreftforeningen #kreftforeningen #rosasløfepet #mormor #familie
A snapshot I just want to share taken in my grandmother's kitchen. She has a talent for finding nice things and putting those things together absolutely beautifully 💙
#atgrannys #mormor #mormorstingogsager #family #decorating #interior #berries #plates #nicethings #allthesmallthings #intheeyeofthebeholder #beauty
morxor 2h ago
Let me tell you a story, about a nieve, young man who looked upon the world as a book that was just waiting to be explored. He had always been told of the wonders of the universe, the magic of love and the power emotion had in a connection between two people. He'd always assumed these things were beautiful and simple to find. But as he grew into adulthood realised that the stories he was told about these wonderous things were just, in fact, stories.
He had fallen in and out of love with several different girls and afew boys and discovered love was a difficult, confusing thing made only for the strong hearted and open minded. It was hard to keep a firm grasp on and keep looking with the heart at the beauties instead of using the lying eyes that every human had been blessed with since birth. Then there was the rumours and the lies, the whispers in the wind that told false or dark stories of his or his lovers past making them doubt one another and themselves- knowing that they should block it out because their lover couldn't possibly do that or could they? Then he noticed that many things in the world had been discovered and if he was amazed by his discovery of the thing people would mock him for being so.. so 'simple minded'. He realised life was just a huge lie and living was becoming a chore. He had rules and regulations that society had put in place and if he did not follow he was the weirdo, the outcast, the loner.
And suddenly that fairytale universe he dreamed of as a child soon crumbled and faded becoming nothing but a fantasy in a lost child's mind, a child who had no hope and no friends to teach him at a young age the biggest lesson that should be taught. Due to his lack of friends he never learned how to lose someone, how to be around someone and when that friend came along at last and used him, he had no idea he was being taken advantage of. That friendship was never meant to last and although he begged and pleaded, although he cried and shouted about his pain- in reality he was drowning. Drowning and no one was there to save him.

He was told of the wonders of the universe, but he wasn't told of the horrors of humanity.
Det finns alltid en anledning att visa uppskattning till någon DU tycker om. "Världens bästa" - köp den till pappa i present till farsdag, eller till någon annan du tycker mycket om. Du väljer själv vem postern är till. Du hittar postern snabbt via en sökning på: "Världens bästa" i webbutiken.
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