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I am the youngest of four and the only returned missionary of our family. It's been a roller coaster ride since I got baptized when I was 9. The gospel brings joy but being a member of this church with the fulness of the teachings of Jesus Christ is not guaranteed to have a perfect life in mortality. In fact, God has been so good in giving me challenges to pass through, weaknesses to overcome, and imperfections to accept.⠀

I think the older I get, the harder it seems to be to 'endure to the end'. Everytime I hear of enduring to the end before I think of despondent faces, long difficult tasks, and trudging through life. But I was wrong with my thinking about 'endurance' as I keep on looking to God, doubting and fearing nothing. He showed to me the real essence of it — He is an eternal being and He never sees endurance that way, or all of eternity would be miserable.⠀

I served my mission in Arizona Mesa and serving Him full time was truly the best 18 months of my life. My mission taught me the importance of enduring to the end. Living in country with different culture is quite challenging. Lots of adjustments and things to learn. But all the support I've got from my family, friends, and other missionaries kept me to move forward with determination to work hardest and to return with honor. I can't number how many times I 'cried before my maker' and 'wrestled with God' but those moments were my life-changing and feelings I would never forget.⠀

I think that is, somehow, what endurance really is. Heavenly Father's call to us is to 'endure to the end' and if there's one word I can define 'endurance' it is this — IT'S A BLESSING! He sees the whole cycle. And even when we discuss endurance and still see it as a trudging effort, a drudgery, He sees it differently. Endurance is a chance to build and guide us and others back home to Him.⠀

All His commandments are given in love and are for our benefit. And as we try to see things more from His point of view we are better able to see that beautiful horizon we are headed for.⠀

— Charlene Elisan⠀
Koronadal, South Cotabato
Colorado, you’re looking lovely and I sure do wish we could hang out, but I’ve got a date with the Mormons in SLC. #sevenmileshigh #highaf #itsbeentoolong #forreals #mormons #johndenver #california #beautiful
A few members of the Dana Hills Ward Mia Maid class have the perfect #easyfhe for you - Gratitude Garlands! What better way to start your week than to write down what you're grateful for? #sharegoodness #familyhomeevening #gratitudegarland
Let's face it... sometimes life is just hard and painful. It can be messy, confusing and frustrating much of the time! But because of the gospel of Jesus Christ, we can see this life through an eternal perspective. It helps me so much to know that every single moment of pain and suffering experienced here on earth, by all of us, has an eternal purpose. I believe that!!♡♡♡

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In YSA wards in Provo every Sunday night we do a prayer as a ward, guys make sure you always go! 😂
Am so bless to know you ehis David you make me
happy,my best friend,movie freak and I know you hate
novels,my gossip partner,friend who share the same gospel
even though,you are amazing,you remember said I love the
way you live your life so simple,you remind me of my dad
sometimes and I hate it when you focus on football too
much u start talking about ball and I get lost lol I
just want to say thank you for being my friend thank you for
loving me for who I am and accepting me when am
crazy,weird,funny and you just be like that's Bimpe and
even when am a selfie pics lol don't let your head
break. you just need to appreciate a wonderful friend
one you.#lds #mormons

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