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So today as we walked through #cityhallphiladelphia we seen they put up this new thing for #thepeople to think of to be monuments and what it would mean to become one #monumentproject
So what would you like to be remembered for?🤔
Oh and some big head dude walked in front my pic😒, some kids made up for it for knowing my face 😄
#mommyandme #laylanilove #carlislecullen #lanalang
I walked through #cityhall today. Two granite plinths are being installed with the word "ME" etched on the front of each, and each with a long cruise-ship gantry leading up to it. Posters say it's a part of the #monumentproject. This has to have been in the planning stages long before Charlottesville and Rizzo (right?) I wonder if anyone will climb up there in a civil-war-general outfit to be egged.
For Chad Brown fly fishing is more than a passion, it’s a path to healing. In the rich waters of the Owyhee, he reflects on how the outdoors have shaped his life, and what he is doing to positively impact the lives of others. Take a look at our latest video from the #wildowyhee series. Watch the whole film @ospreypacks @ibexwool @keen @ibexdude @filmber @jamesqmartin @theoregondesert #flyfishing #trout #monumentproject #protectourlands

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