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@prolux_cosmetics Deluxe Brush Mermaid Set✨Prolux Powder Brush uses the best quality hair to softly touch your skin, designed specially with round, smooth, dense cut of full hair which can make Powder perfectly spread on your face.
#prolux angled brush uses professional hair to make a perfect angle. ~ To apply start at the apples of cheeks and sweep upwards, blending as you go, perfectly applying powder every time.
#prolux foundation brush is designed to apply cream, liquid foundation, make by special hair for a smooth flawless makeup finish.
#prolux eye shadow brush is specially designed to apply and blend in eyeshadow. The eyeshadow has soft but firm fibers that are arranged to provide instant definition. ~Brush Care~ 1.) Brushes should be washed by special cleanser. Please absorb brush to heads moisture with a towel. 2.) Reshape bristles with fingers, lay the brush fall at in a shady place to air dry. 3.) To avoid dragging and cutting Brushes fur, don’t dry with hair drier. 4.) If Brush is used everyday, it is suggested making maintenance every 3 weeks. If fur shed a little, it is normal phenom Enon which will not affect function of Brushes *cruelty free*🐾 #Brushes #Makeup Brushes #proluxcosmetics #crueltyfree #mermaid #makeup #blushybeauty #makeup #montebellomall #montebello #cityofmontebello #makeup #beauty
In this chapter Jesus taught His disciples not to worry about the simple cares of the world; this life is so much more than material things. He reassured them of the way He cares for the birds of the air and the flowers in the ground, yet you and I are so much more valuable then that! How much more will He take care of His children? As children of God, we can’t allow these worries to consume us. It's too common to struggle between faith and fear, but our loving Father knows our needs. Today we must choose to seek His beautiful heart and He will take care of the rest, spiritual and material. This scripture in particular, emphasizes that our priorities must be in line with His; what we treasure and value determines where our heart is. The contents of the heart is revealed in action. What is consuming your thoughts? Where do you find your priorities? The answer to these questions determines where your heart lies. We must place our faith in the stable and eternal things of God instead of the temporary things of this world. #90DC #90daychallenge
if you knew my full story you would see that I'm rich. I've hit rock rock bottom several times. But I always bounce back. In my humble back yard, feeling blessed, shot out to all my peeps in the struggle. Keep your head up, there is always sunshine after a storm.... •E• InsaneWays
Finished painting!!!! Like comment n follow me !!Tattoos n piercings!!!!!! Who wants to get one tomorrow or this week???DM Me Piercings!!! Who wants to get piercings today tomorrow or this weeknd DM Me ! NIPPLES 50 for both EARS 20 each LIPS 20 each BELLY button 30. EYEBROWS 20 . NOSE 30💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥#elsereno #montebello #cityterrace #alhambra #lincolnpark #pasadena #losangeles #eastlosangeles #dtla #montereypark #elmonte #rosemead #art #california #hollywood #beverlyhills #sanmarino #koreatown #northlosangeles #eastlosangeles #elac #calstate #ucla #ucdavis #ucsd #ucirvine #uccellini #uc #aloha #hawaii #traditionalhuladancer

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