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If you would have told me two and a half years ago I'd be able to spend my weekends running after the sweetest girl, I probably would have laughed.

Motherhood was the deepest desire I had, but due to a severe heart condition, becoming a family was a struggle. We raised money for adoption, spent the money learning about adoption and preparing, got emotionally burnt out with, took a much needed emotional break from pursuing becoming parents, and found out we were pregnant.
But I wouldn't trade that journey for the world. The journey brought Tyler and I closer together, it showed us what a happy life we could have even if we were never blessed with children. It taught me to be patient, to fill myself with love instead of bitterness when I saw other women becoming what I so deeply wanted. I learned that the journey counts just as much as the end result.

And on really rough days full of tantrums and meltdowns, I can think about how blessed I am to guide and love a daughter, who was once something I prayed really, really hard for.
But my point is, no matter what your journey to motherhood looks like (if you choose to be a mom - because its 100% okay to not want to be a mom) - I want to be there to support you. Adoption, pregnancy, fostering - they all are beautiful and important motherhoods and just because it may look a bit different than you imagined, it doesn't take away from how much love you will give your babies.

Double tap if you think all forms of motherhood are beautiful journeys.
I wrote a personal post on my blog today. It was supposed to be something else entirely but as I sat at my computer the words began flowing and I figured let’s share. Let’s share a piece of me. So tonight’s that’s what I did. Linked in my profile or check it out at • • • • • •
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Love is the flower that you've got to let grow 🌸🌿💕 ~ John Lennon
Location scouting in the "woods" (i.e just beside a path between a car park and a playground.
Earlier this week I posted a blog on our marriage. Highs and lows, people. Good and bad. I wouldn’t chose any other man. Take a peak if you get a chance!
Nights that end in super hero costumes and homemade popcorn for dinner are my fav! #kinsleyandleon

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