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Bathroom photo! I feel like a teen again. Wait a second- we didn't have selfies or even cell phones wayyy back then. Maybe my mid-life crisis moment? Its out of my system now. Back to being a mother of 6 and wife! 😜😜
#momsmidlifecrisis #bathroomselfie
I just witness my mom get a Monroe piercing & @su0ng get her nose pierced lol. Rebel adults haha 😘 #momsmidlifecrisis #badinfluencetattoo #ogmama
kreezaa 210w ago
I think my mom is going through mid-life crisis.. she never learned how to cook when we were growing up and now that were older she decides to learn how to cook :o #momsmidlifecrisis #whatisgoingon #ilovethefoodthough