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Yay! Heute war dann endlich Tag X und ich habe meine Prüfung nachgeschrieben🙏🏼 Ich hoffe, dass es diesmal reicht✊🏼
Ich bin jedenfalls um 100kg erleichtert...endlich wieder mehr Zeit für mich und meine Pläne und was so in Zukunft ansteht!🍂🌾
So, i had this design ready to launch as part of the christmas collection but i wasnt so sure anymore if i wanted to release it. So i'm asking you guys opinion. Should i launch the FA LA LA LLAMA design or is it just me and my team finding it funny? 😅 let me know down below 💕
Lovely day! The weather can affect my mood so on days like today I make a special effort to make indoors nice. Light some candles, have a nice hot drink, that sort of thing. Nothing fancy just little touches to show myself some self care.
Also new post up on blog (link in profile). About when helping others starts hurting you.
#mentalhealth #aslowmoment #momentsofmine #selfcare #rain
Inspiring scenes at Our Kid today as one of our loveliest mama regulars started work on a beautiful piece of window art to celebrate our collaboration with @grassandair. You’ll be able to marvel at the finished piece at our launch event on Saturday with @we_are_adventurers providing wet weather activities in homage to the coolest waterproofs and wellies Manchester has ever seen. Join us for free fun from 11-1pm. If it’s really rainy we’ll keep everyone warmed up with free hot chocolate 🤗🤗 amazing work @sallymarshall you are a huge talent and we look forward to many more prettified windows to come xxx
I was writing very interesting post, then @instagram crashed 😭 And nothing was saved at all... Did that happen with any of you?
ვწერდი საინტერესო პოსტს. როცა უკვე უნდა დამეპოსტა, ინსტაგრამი დაიქრაშა 😭 და არაფერი დასეივდა. დაგმართნიათ ვინმეს ასეთი რამ?
• Hawthorn gin •

There's a recipe for this Victorian liqueur in my book #makingwinter (link in profile). This shrub is a relative of wild roses and is common in Europe, the US and Asia. The berries (haws) are infused in gin over several weeks and the resulting liqueur tastes like Turkish delight. It's easy to make and absolutely delicious sipped on a wintry evening while snuggled under a blanket with a favourite book.
Do post your cosy creative images and tag with #makingwinter. I'll be choosing a winning image with my editor @omarabooks in a week or two and I will be making them a silver necklace of their chosen design.
LADY IN RED // When #thedailydown becomes the daily "oh haiii full body pic with background and everything."
You can keep your insta-husbands because insta-mum ain't doing half bad! 📷
🌳A bowl full of gratitude and happiness🌳💚
20min Chicken Pesto Skewers served with spinach and rice...another rushed dinner made with love and lots of little hands.
I soaked the rice overnight to break down the phytic acid, neutralizing the enzymes and making the rice easier to digest ➕ super fluffy. I’m not sure why I never thought of this before 🤔🌱
#pesto #rice #soakedovernight #rusheddinner #easysuppers #busydays #quick #tasty #healthy #mommyslittlehelper #kitchenlife #eeeeeats #smartfoodchoices #delicious #tastemade #onthetable #livethelittlethings #momentsofmine #inspiremyinstagram #visualscollective #capetownfood #capetown
H A M B U R G ♡ L I E B E

Huhu meine Herz♡chen

O-Ton meines Mannes gestern "Schaaaatzi, wann machst du denn nun deine "Insta-Pause" ?!
Hahaha-schallendes Gelächter-
"Ich bin mittendrin!" "Aber davon merke ich ja gar NIX!" "Ach, Schatzi, lass gut sein, das verstehste sowieso nicht!" Wie auch immer ihr fehlt mir einfach so♡ Nun bin ich wieder da und auf jeden Fall ein bisschen "aufgeräumter" und "sortierter"als vorher! Mal schauen wie lange das gut geht ;-) #dasdingmitdengutenvorsätzen und #mitdemneinsagen klappt bei mir immer suuuuper! #nicht

Das Bild ist übrigens in HH - Stadtteil Blankenese- aufgenommen! Wenn ihr mal richtig Lust auf eine Finkenwerder Scholle und dabei einen wunderbaren Blick auf die Elbe genießen wollt, dann müsst ihr im Restaurant "Zum Bäcker" einkehren! Einfach herrlich ♡
Wunderschönen Abend meine Herz♡chen...♡und eine gute Nacht ♡

#instagood #holidays #collectmomentsnotthings #travelofinstagram #traveller #autumn #Hamburg #blankenese #momentsofmine #myeverydaymagic #travel_and_other_stories #goodnight #tb #Architektur #architecture
I love following other motherhood accounts and sharing them with you! Today I wanted to share about @raisingjayandabel! This mama is as real as they come, her photos are raw motherhood and her captions tell a story! She is a boy mama x 3 and inspiring in so many ways. 💙💙💙
From our walk today. One of the most magical autumn places I know, and somewhere that I will forever associate with my childhood. Hope you're snuggled up warm this evening, it's raining 😺s and 🐶s here xxx

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