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Last - What I see is most of these hijabi bloggers get invited to events like #modestfashionweeks but never speak up about such a blatant discrimination but come online after they enjoyed their mock-tail event and brag on about how the world is unfair - Oh please 🙄 Clearly they don’t speak up because either they don’t give a shit or they don’t want to be overshadowed by other dark skinned hijabi 💁🏾‍♀
I hope this sinks in into some peoples brain if not all - I mean one can hope and pray for change 🙏🏾 right? 😔
It is WRONG simply, in anyway to believe or think that one is more superior than another in anyway let alone of their SKIN COLOUR -
I speak for myself when I say I don’t need anybody’s charity, sympathy, because of my skin colour like some damage goods - please stop with that bs - if you truly believe credit is due then please act on it, don’t like for the sake of liking - I’m proud of my skin colour and I don’t need anyone’s permission to be all that I can be - This is to all no matter your race, beliefs or gender. Don’t let anyone hold power over you and make you feel less than you are. - Use your uniqueness as your strength - 😘✌🏾 @hodan.ysf @lifelongpercussion @dinatokio @chinutay @basma_k @sagaleeyaa @sumaya_keynan @darkskinnedhijabis @ascia @beautycon @youtube @instagram @londonmodestfashionweek @modestfashionweeks