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What should I do this weekend? 🤔
I'm in my last months of school, so I really have to work on that🤓. But besides that? I don't have to work, so hopefully I can enjoy the sun a little bit 🌅(but you never know in holland 😑). Ofcourse I'm throwing in two workouts this weekend💪🏻 and besides that, a mixture of school and relaxation. What are your plans this weekend?
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User Image fitandtall_joni Posted: Apr 15, 2018 9:27 AM (UTC)
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-True selfie-

In the Netherlands there's this going on, where people show their real faces. Tell about who they really are and they do this in a "TRUE SELFIE". .
I post and show allot on Instagram, but a few things I keep to myself. Sometimes you have to work in silence and work on your own battle. Yesterday I achieved (for me) something special. I watched what I ate for 12 days straight🕺😁. Without a cheat, no sugar and nothing unhealthy. Maybe for you this is nothing special but for me this was really a achievement. I didn't post about it, because this is my own battle and I wanted to do it by myself. I've been watching what I eat for 5,5 years now. So 12 days don't seem so long for someone who's been doing this for years. But believe me it's fucking hard for me!💪🏻
Me and food is really a thing. Because the way I was brought up, I always looked for food to comfort me. Ever since I was a child, unhealthy foods would make me happy. Growing up poor and not having a healthy balance at home and me spending all my money on bad food, slowly turned into an eating disorder. From the age of 13 until 25 I had a really unhealthy eating patern. My co-dependency and compulsive overeating, is so extreme i've been fighting it for almost 7 years now.
How do I know it's extreme? I've watched about 20 seasons of obese programs and how those people talk about food, is the same way I think about food😲. I also work with someone who's obese(helping him lose weight) and the way I think about food is more extreme than him😕. .
I've had allot of people saying to me: "you're not addicted to food" and "look at you", "you have a sixpack, you don't have an obese mindset". I have a sixpack for almost 6 years now and still the struggle with eating healthy is a daily, hourly struggle and i'm a long way from having a healthy balance. I think about food allot and with allot I mean:"allot!". I think about and get tempted so much it's hard to watch what I eat. But I'm a fighter and i'm always trying to find a way to deal with my co-dependency of food and my compulsive over eating. It has been a struggle the last few years and i'm a long way from being healthy. But the fight continues👊
User Image ilanajohansson Posted: Apr 19, 2018 1:04 PM (UTC)

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Three little ducks went out one day. Over the hill and far away. Mother duck said ”Quack, quack, quack, quack!” But only two little ducks came back. 🐤🐤 📸 @jnnllmn

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