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i was actually writing my watermark wrong for ages,, nobody said 😒😂😭
The next morning when you got home you didn't find Zoe in her usual spot. You stood in your living room and shouted, "Zoe?", to which you got an instant answer, "in here". You walked to Zoe's room and found her crying on her bed. For a moment you were scared and you ran upto her to hold her. She cried in your shoulder. "Hey, shh, what's wrong ?" You comforted her, running your hands in her hair. "It's stupid" she sighed, wiping her nose with the end of her sleeve. "Okay, what is it ?" You asked, worried. "Well, remember how I worked so hard to get a ticket to the concert of my favourite singer ? The one you don't listen to at all ? Harry Styles ?" She tried to give you hints so you could understand. "Oh yeah, you told me you got the tickets. I remember you dancing on the bed" you laughed trying to make her laugh. "Yeah, that's the problem. Turns out there was a glitch and I lost the tickets. This sucks!" She said, sobbing and somehow a sad chuckle escaped her. "You're crying becaue you lost tickets ? Do you want me to check if there are anymore left ?" You asked but now you were smiling. Thank God something major wasn't wrong with her. "Already done that, it is honestly not my day, lost the tickets, cut my finger, opened my phone to find a huge ass crack on it and found out that Styles was out on a date. I am just having a moment" she sighed but understood the comedy of the situation and started laughing too. "Well, talking about dates, how did yours go ?" She asked, cheering up. "Well, it was amazing! He is a perfect gentleman!" You smiled. "Mhm? Any pictures ?" She asked, eyes widening. "Well kinda, wait" you took your phone out. .
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» Hey lovelies. I hope your day will be/ was good. Always remember you're loved and appreciated by me. ♡
q; Autumn or Summer?
a; I hate summer, tbh but always loved Autumn! 🍂
One year ago today (18 October 2016) : Niall was playing golf at The Grove Golf Course in London !
Two years ago today (18 October 2015) : The boys performed in Dublin !
[DAY 3/3 - OTRA Tour]
Three years ago today (18 October 2014) : Harry was attending Ed Sheeran's concert in Birmingham !
Four years ago today (18 October 2013) : Harry was seen on the beach in Gold Coast, Australia !

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