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I MISS HOME! I miss the amazing food and the diyas and the candles and the rangoli and the atmosphere. I MISS EVERYTHING!!! I miss those gifts too😁. I miss seeing all our family and friends. I miss a day of pure joy.! Oh! the memories of this festival are just so special to me.
Miss u @vanshu00796 and @megha.3011 a lottttt😘.
I won’t type more about it because it’s hard on me…It’s on days like this that you miss home the most…!!!😭
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💥Hard - is #struggling to put food on the table. 💥Hard – is saying NO to your #kids all the time. 💥Hard – is dropping them off at day care so they can spend their days with someone else while you wonder what they are doing, saying, giggling about.
💥Hard – is paying those day care fees after working all week.
💥Hard – is not being able to get time off #work when you are #sick, or when your kids are sick, or when you want to go on a field trip.
💥Hard – is #missing moments. 💥Hard – is #wondering how you are going to pay your rent, or bills.
💥Hard – is not answering the phone in case it’s somebody wanting #money from you that you don’t have. 💥Hard - is wondering how you’re going to pay for this week’s #groceries 💥Hard – is arguing with your partner about #finances. 💥Hard – is working a 40 hour week and never being able to afford a holiday. 💥Hard – is not being able to afford #Christmas. 💥Hard – is living pay check to pay check.
✔These things are hard. I have known hard, far too many times to count in my life. THIS BUSINESS, is not hard. Nowhere near, as hard. Compared to these things this business is so easy!
✨I am looking for 5 people who are serious about changing their lives...People who don’t want hard anymore, and who truly want to let me help them discover an EASIER way. If you are ready to make a #change Inbox or text me 📞📲 419.545.2537

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Even if your Spoiler Light is Damaged or Missing, We can help you identify it.
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Tag your boyfriend/girlfriend 😂❤
"I wasn’t looking for anything at all when I met you. Actually, I wasn’t planning on falling for anyone so soon. But then I met you. A stranger who turnt out to be my everything. And that was it.. I guess things just happened. I found you so unexpectedly. And I still remember that second , that very moment when I fell in love with you. And I think that’s how the best relationships begin. You’re not looking for anything and then suddenly you realize; you have something. And I had the luck to have the best thing I could think of."

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