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So there was a discussion about my birthdays of yesteryear. As I sit I am repeatedly told that they dont know what to do for me. They don't know what I like. They don't know what to buy me. As I wait for them to finish, I settle in my chair.

Then silence.

I proceed to go off. "I am 33 for the love of mercy! I have been around you all my whole life and YOU DON'T KNOW ME! Let it be me to forget something about you or something and your lives are over. You want me to have parties with ppl that I don't like! For what!?! That wouldn't be for me! You don't get me a present and then proceed to tell me it's because you don't know what I like😐 You wanna play rap at my party....I LISTEN TO FOO FIGHTERS, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, LIVING COLOUR ETC. So again....who is this party for!?!? "Well we just wanted everybody to have fun" oh ok, at the cost of ticking the birthday girl, ok." I am 33 and never had a birthday party. My family has celebrated for everybody but me...i get to the point where I no longer care and it's time to celebrate 😒
I'll pass. I have time until my actual birthday month...any suggestions?
CAPTION THIS!(CONTEST) *Please do not comment your caption, please send it to my dm* your caption can be a poem of any length, a short or long quote, even a word for all I care! The winner will be announced In 24 hours! .
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📌Believe it or not, my first portfolio review for my first semester of college, a WOMAN graphic designer stated, as I stood in front of an audience, "You shouldn't be a designer, because you were accidentally put in this major, & you lack experience." She was right. School system sucked & Yes I was misplaced. I didn't even know what a Mac was. Video coming this Thursday ... "Actually I Can." (If you read this far, you are a beautiful soul 🤗🖤. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel, links in bio).

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