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A Sutra for yr Sunday ~ inspired by Robert Bly & the Niyama in Yoga Tapas. Blog on Robert Blys Mindful Poetry up now on our Facebook Page & Web ,
Yes I do a lot of doing but when it comes from a space of 'just being' it is more enjoyable
The Yogis talk about tapas which can be considered putting a consistent effort over time toward Self Realisation.
This can be revealed through many ways and methods: Asana (being steady and easy in body and mind / or more commonly referred to as Yoga Poses) Pranayama (working with the breath to 'let go of control' of it) Pratyahara (sense withdrawal)
The Pillars of Mindfulness such as "Beginners Mind" "Non Judgement" and "Trust" can also help orientate us to an attitude within our hearts that help us along the path.

I related to tapas (putting in the hard work- thanks to my upbringing and support along the way) "Head down bum up, stand on your own two feet" I can recall my Mum say.
But at times I didn't hear when she said ......"stop slow down just sit" so I can enjoy today.
Perhaps all this work has just lead me to this
To stop sit and breathe in the nectar of pure "being" pure bliss
But this sitting and just being
For me has taken lots of "doing" effort over time
But this just sitting and "being" is what connects me to the divine
The discipline for me is to be in this space first thing when I "wake up"
Open my eyes smile at all I've got and take a sip of gratitude from my tea cup
Invite the nectar into my lungs as I sense my inner being
It has a centre yet far and wide
A sense of stillness and just hearing
My ears sense sound
As I take another sip
Blissfully dumbfound
At "just this, just this"
Who would have thought "head down bum up" can take on another view
Sit still long enough to feel, the light in me acknowledges the light in you
Namaste 🙏
Tammy xox
A Mindful Meditation practice for you can be found below along with a poem by Robert Bly
Happy Sunday 🕉🙏
⭐️Next classes
7:30am today w Katie @ Moffs unless raining . Mon 6am + 9am w Trace & 5pm w Katie
The come down
Saw @jasonlsilva talk yesterday about the research Kotler and Wheal are conducting around flow.
The idea of "being in the zone" as a series of physiological responses in our brain that's causing an extreme "high" is truly fascinating.
More so, like any "high", there is a come-down period. That "funk" we all get after crushing it for a prolonged period and reaching that point of tension where anxiety begs the question of "what next?'
How do you spend your time during that "come down"? Comment below 👇💭
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What do you do to take some #YOUtime? When I have the time I really enjoy spending it being #mindful and enjoying the sounds and sights of nature. I really like the reds and oranges of the maple leaves and especially the gnarled bark of the tall willows. To me they tell a story.
It is just beautiful out here, the warmest I can remember for late October. It’s about 25 degrees, full on t-shirt weather.
I hear robins and ducks among other birds, the current of the river and the wind rustling in the leaves. Being in the moment and enjoying all that nature has to offer calms my spirit like nothing else. I hope you have a great day my friends and get to enjoy a few moments of serenity and mindfulness like I have enjoyed this afternoon.
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“Hangi gün?” diye sordu Pooh.
“Bugün” diye cevapladı Piglet.
“En sevdiğim gün” dedi Pooh.
Idag har vi varit på Haga Health Club - såå mysigt och väldigt bra och roligt gym 😊

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