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User Image avidgirlboss Posted: Dec 11, 2017 7:44 AM (UTC)

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Do what's right for YOU 👊 Fuck what people may think.

And to be fair, most people are worrying about their own lives to be caring about yours.
User Image rakisawesome Posted: Dec 11, 2017 7:43 AM (UTC)

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Paradise ❤️🇦🇪😍
#iloverak #rakisawesome #rasalkhaimah
@rixosbabalbahr Showing off it’s beauty! 😍
User Image jev_la Posted: Dec 11, 2017 7:39 AM (UTC)
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jev_la 7m ago
And every mother's child is going to spy
To see if reindeer really know how to fly-Day 6
User Image worldfailstar Posted: Dec 11, 2017 7:36 AM (UTC)

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Lol, thats a win.✅ Tag your friend that would do whit you🆘🔥
Follow me @worldfailstar for more🌎
User Image healthy_happy_entrepreneur Posted: Dec 11, 2017 7:34 AM (UTC)

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When it’s cold out remember beach days 😊

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