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User Image thesmartincomes Posted: Jan 21, 2018 7:10 AM (UTC)

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User Image conrad_inspire Posted: Jan 21, 2018 7:07 AM (UTC)

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It doesn’t matter if you make $3,000 or $10,000 a month, you should know where your money is going each and every month! Track income and spending closely and you too can be #DebtFreeAF If you were managing money for U-incorporated the way you manage your own finances, would you FIRE yourself??? 🤔 #Budget #DaveRamsey #Savings #debtfree #debtfreecommunity #debtfreejourney #fpu #financialpeaceuniversity #tmm #babysteps #babystep2 #Broke #brokeAF #savedatmoney #millionairemindset #millionaire #millionairementor #inspiration #goals #motivation #adulting #retireinspired
User Image wifi.millionaires Posted: Jan 21, 2018 7:05 AM (UTC)

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🤔 Why would a person aim to be number one? Because no one remembers the person who came second. The world always remembers the best.
BUT here’s why:
👉Nature and society.
Wanting to be number one is because the combination of our nature of individuality and our social value. People don’t have to learn to compare, we just do; because majority of people are comparing to one another, thus the society holds the value that “One should always aim to be number one.”
But the actual truth is… Great people are usually number one because they believe in something great, not because they want to be number one.
I probably confused you with this post about the exact reason why you should always aim to be number 1 but if I didn’t confuse you ENOUGH, DROP a comment below!😉
#number1 #success #society #millionairementor
User Image rezhebravonas Posted: Jan 21, 2018 7:01 AM (UTC)

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"No matter what you do, no matter how many times you screw up and think to yourself there's no point to CARRY ON, no matter how many people tell you that you can't do it--JUST KEEP GOING.👊👊☝️
DONT GIVE UP ☝️ #millionairementor #achievementhunter #growinguptoofast #businesswoman #doitright 👌
User Image deebrightassociates_austin Posted: Jan 21, 2018 6:56 AM (UTC)

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Haters will always have something to say.
But did you know that haters don’t hate you? The reality is, they fear that they will never be able to get to where you are right now. 😉
#success #haters #millionairementor
User Image growthminutes Posted: Jan 21, 2018 6:49 AM (UTC)

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Your mind is everything, have positive thoughts as positive thinking attracts positive mind attracts positive things to happen 🔑
User Image Posted: Jan 21, 2018 6:39 AM (UTC)

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you see the hourly chart of the EUR/USD with the Momentum oscillator attached at the bottom.
Notice how the price action is in harmony with the swings of the Momentum study.
We also have a couple of divergences.
to learn more check out the link in bio
User Image Posted: Jan 21, 2018 6:26 AM (UTC)

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There might be no tomorrow. Do it TODAY 👉🏻
#Repost @millionaire_mentor with @get_repost
Life is too short to be taken too seriously. Live light. Treat life as a game. It is. And guess what? YOU make the rules.
Given we all KNOW we are going to die, that as human beings, we might make the MOST out of their lives. LIVE FULLY. LIVE HAPPY. Not stress, knowing that nothing will matter in the end. Not seek more and more things to complete us, knowing that we can’t take any of it with us. You would think that, but we all know it is not the case.
Life is a game, and everyone can play. Everyone can WIN. You WIN by taking control of your mind. By learning how to control your emotions. By committing to growing your emotional muscle every day. By focusing on the POSITIVES, not getting lost in the negative.
Did you know you can be HAPPY? Regardless of your circumstances. I bet they didn’t teach you that in school. 🤔
Any emotional state can be achieved by anyone, it all depends on how YOU view your life and your life challenges. Past and present. When you treat life as a game, it becomes a fun adventure. It becomes lighter. Less serious. Isn’t that how it’s meant to be?
Lighten up.
✔️Let’s WIN this game of life.
#life #game #win #millionairementor #TeamYabbaDabba 😧📣😧 #TeamDabTime 😧💯😧 #SuportUrLocalHustler 🤣💰🤣 #FuckCancer 😠😲😠 #AintGotNoWorries 💯🙌💯 #WeDabDailyBro 😂😂😂 #NoBroadsInAtlanta 🐼🐼🐼 #OneLoveBrotha 💯💯💯 #GlobMonster 😧😧😧 #YabaDabbaDewTime 😧😧😧 #559ValleyTo702Vegas 😈😈😈 #StupidHighOverHere 😲😲😲
#Repost @millionaire_mentor with @get_repost
🤔🤔🤔✅ Haters will always have something to say.
But did you know that haters don’t hate you? The reality is, they fear that they will never be able to get to where you are right now. Stay blessed my Boi @thenotoriousbigb 💯💯💯🙏🏼 -
#success #haters #millionairementor #TeamYabbaDabba 😧📣😧 #TeamDabTime 😧💯😧 #SuportUrLocalHustler 🤣💰🤣 #FuckCancer 😠😲😠 #AintGotNoWorries 💯🙌💯 #WeDabDailyBro 😂😂😂 #NoBroadsInAtlanta 🐼🐼🐼 #OneLoveBrotha 💯💯💯 #GlobMonster 😧😧😧 #YabaDabbaDewTime 😧😧😧 #559ValleyTo702Vegas 😈😈😈 #StupidHighOverHere 😲😲😲
User Image entrevolution_mindset Posted: Jan 21, 2018 4:20 AM (UTC)

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Follow 👉 @entrevolution_mindset for daily motivation!👊👊👊
People will always have something to say! Good or Bad! It's the ones with the negative feedback that are secretly wishing they could be like you, be around you, think like you, know what you know. This quote is definitely one of my favorites. It really sums up the world of haterizm and why you shouldn't bother with it!
Remember to stay focused and remain driven. Those looking from the outside in will either want to join or are rabbid and are waiting for you to drop your guard and CHOMP! Better watch your ass!!!
User Image entrevolution_mindset Posted: Jan 21, 2018 4:04 AM (UTC)

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Follow 👉 @entrevolution_mindset for daily motivation!👊👊👊
This literally can mean anything! There are many things out there that scare us that don't scare others! It could be something as small as going for a run. I'm scared of the shin splints I'll get because it's been so long. When I get shin splints my technique suffers and I have almost tripped on my own foot lol. I'm genuinely scared to go to fitness class with my girlfriend because I have suffered many injuries and am scared it'll injure me further. Yes it sounds corny but I did a lot of damage to my body during my short span in the Army! .
To make a long story short I'm F'n myself over! I am convincing my mind of something that hasn't even happened yet. This is something I am totally against so no more. I'm gonna give it a shot and attempt to do something everyday that scares me. I'm not afraid of too many things but this should definitely be interesting!
User Image forex.strategies Posted: Jan 21, 2018 6:01 AM (UTC)

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When I say anchor points, I mean swing lows or highs that line up in an obvious linear fashion.
See in the chart above, we used 3 swing points.
Using a minimum of 3 anchor points, we build a quality trend line that actually matters to technical analysis.
When you just use two anchor points, your level is basically ‘unclear’, or only partially constructed. You never know if you have it marked in the correct place.
To be so real it is like, you help someone, he/she likes you or cares about you but still doesn't spend doing the same ammount of work that you did... Then I am a bit cruel but you'll need to get away because ultimately it wastes your time.
User Image cryptonewsbank Posted: Jan 21, 2018 6:00 AM (UTC)

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Looking to become financially FREE? Keep reading!👇
Too many people out there are giving ridiculous ideas on how you can become rich and many of those ideas are about cutting back and saving.
I can promise you that will not get rich by skipping your daily latte. ✋
If there’s no money coming to your life then you can’t save. Don't let anyone give you the idea that you need to skip your Starbucks coffee and save $5 a day and that will somehow make you rich.
Your boy #millmentor coming at you with a few tips to increase your wealth:
✔️Invest in yourself.
Successful people invest time, energy, and money in improving themselves. Help yourself out so you are in a position to help someone else out.
✔️Find the right job.
You need a job, but you need the right job to start. All companies live from “revenue.’’
Get a job where you can make commissions rather than just a salary and you will finally be in control of how much you earn. 💰
✔️Get great at what you do.
Commit to being great, not just average. Any industry can be a painful profession for average and bottom performers, but massively rewarding for those that are great. Those that live, breathe and eat their profession, those that are obsessed, become great.
✔️Get multiple streams of income.
You won't get rich without multiple flows of income. That starts with the income you currently have. Increase that income and start adding multiple flows.
Did you like the tips? Let me know in the comments
#rich #tips #motivation #millionairementor | Posted by @millionaire_mentor
User Image themillennialsmentor Posted: Jan 21, 2018 5:59 AM (UTC)

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Do it and you’ll have no regrets!

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