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I really hope to make 200 by next week I got a lot of my face to show you, don't worry I'm not ugly, I've been called hansome and cute a lot growing up. I'm confident you guys don't think otherwise.
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"Michael Jackson understood the carnival – When news and entertainment is all one business, there is no wall between fiction and fact as long as it’s good commerce. A little fiction is required for celebrity junk food – and America rewards each season’s snack with the nation’s highest accolade: a movie of the week deal or, at least, a rock video, a ghost-written memoir, your shining teeth on a glossy cover or Geraldo live from your driveway. The newcomers in this trade are TV magazines – 12 shows, at last count – all in business to make a profit. They’re in a fight just as desperate as the tabs. in this league, too, it’s win, or die." Ben Cramer

# Michael Jackson has dealt with constant scrutiny over his entire lifetime starting from when he was just in his teenage years. Everything from his skin to his children were twisted to make him seem to be a self-hating, plastic surgery addicted pedophile/child molester. He was hung from the stage lights theoretically unto which he was constantly paraded around as a dissociate of himself. When he went under he was dug up again every year for profit and lazily thrown back and forgotten. However, I have not forgotten. The true fans have not forgotten. I, will see to Michael Jackson as being completely vindicated because I feel it is my personal duty to protect him and his children from the ignorance of the masses.
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some days I love the life I live because I mentally know that people have it worse.. but some days I'm selfish and wish I could've been like born in a famous household you know🙄🙄 I know we all feel this way sometimes so don't deny.. life isn't fair and it ain't ever gonna be

Há poucos dias do Halloween, um dos principais feriados americanos, a rede de TV CBS irá exibir a animação de Dia das Bruxas com uma trilha sonora toda feita com músicas do rei do pop.

Com um elenco formado por estrelas de várias séries, “Michael Jackson’s Halloween” tem estreia para o dia 27 de Outubro e acompanha a história de Vincent e Victoria, uma dupla que se conhece no Dia das Bruxas. Ao lado do cão Ichabod, eles se encontram no misterioso hotel This Place, localizado na Rua Jackson 777...
t.slay7 24m ago
I don’t know how to feel about this. It looks stupid & cheap. & a quick way to make money off of Michael’s name 🙄😒 #michaeljackson #sony #cbs #disgrace #moneyhungryvultures

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