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These are my babies! Our Firm is a proud supporter of Cristo Rey Atlanta Jesuit High School and we have 4 amazing interns. Cristo Rey matches business interests with the educational and economic needs of lower-income students, giving them the best chance of overcoming the financial barriers that limit their educational and professional opportunities.

I took on the task of creating a program at the Firm where the interns got the opportunity to meet with attorneys and staff. Every week they met with graphic designers, computer technicians, associates, partners, and business development leaders. I never received the answer of “No.” from anyone I asked and they were all enthusiastic to meet with our interns.
They gained knowledge and wisdom on choosing a career and a college, time management skills, and so much more. Feedback from the people who they have met with describes them as poised, articulate, and as trailblazers!

I am so blessed to be in a position where I can lift as I climb.
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✨It’s #workingwomenwednesday so I had to shoutout two of my team members! @ki_urlioness you jumped right in this business asking questions and eager to learn! You’ve signed over four loyal customers and have now earned your $100 SHOPPING SPREE! You doin ya thing ma ma Congrats you are definitely my Goal-Getter!
@beautifully_yours you’ve been watching me in this business and After some time and a little prayer you decided to take that leap as well and I’m so happy for you!
I thank both of you for trusting me enough to lead you in this business! I’m excited for each of our success in this business! It’s only up from here ladies!
These two did what each one of my business partners did; they stepped out on faith and took a leap...if you’re interested in joining Melanin Movement and joining the success of me and my team then text “JOIN” to 410 246 4187 now! It’s still only $49.50 to join until Saturday! Let’s get you set up for success!
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♥️ Hephie ♥️ Out here we don’t play with your melanin 🍫💪🏾🔥
Looked I created for her events last weekend; one look, two events and the makeup lasted !
Posting reviews soon ☺️
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For Black girls who are the only person of color in your department/office/building/meeting... You are enough.
You are perfect just the way you are.
From the coils on your head to the tips of your toes... You are enough. ❤️
the #backstory

When I saw this picture posted by one of my fave accounts @chakabars , it resonated with me on a deep level. Apart from being a nature lover, I am wholly a #blackwoman.

Like trees, we rise above the odds in a world that builds its perception of us upon its own ideologies. You can plant us anywhere and we will #riseup. Concrete jungles of limited opportunity or harsh climates of unwarranted mysogny? Still, we rise. Relentless in our fight to be exactly who we were created to be, thriving, strong, and anti-gravitational.
Just. like. trees.🌳🌱🌴🍃 #positivenergy #iamwoman #truthtuesday #beinspired #chakabars #melaninmovement #stillirise #abovetheodds #myblackisbeautiful #strength #blackempowerment #natureenthusiast #lifestyleblogger #adventurer #nonconformist
°Follow @mamusu.nyande and read her blog regarding the lack of inclusion of people of colour in the makeup industry.
I am not a huge make up user but one of the main reasons I don't is to do with the fact that I know I would struggle to find the right products for myself. I have tried it and numerous times the shade doesn't match or I find the right one and it costs $50 and has to be custom made.
As you can see on my face, these are just a few of the darkest shades in the foundation ranges of a select amount of companies and majority of them are too light for me. I am not the darkest person out there so I can only imagine how much harder it is for people darker than me. I could get away with forcing some of the shades if I needed to but why should we have to do that?
Enough is enough.
Share any of your foundation stories below

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