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Oml I love this add- I mean I hate Tony Abbot already lol and Malcom Turnbull isn't much better
Our humanities teacher thinks it's sad that the year five sixes in our school know more about USA than Australia, only three kids could actually name the prime minister (which, no need to brag, one of them was me xD), but just about everyone could name the President of America. Only one person (not me this time because after one correct answer I go stoopid again) knew where Malcom Turnbull lived (he's our PM if you were wondering- or maybe he isn't and I'm stoopid again xD) which is some lodge place. Like half the class (not me thankfully *sighs relief*) thought he lived in the Whitehouse. Also for some reason feminism was constantly being mentioned. ~
Our teacher asked us if we could please go through one lesson without mentioning Donald Trump, the Whitehouse, basically anything to do with America, and feminism. Well, that didn't happen-
Hope you all enjoyed your history lesson with Fern xD ~
^3^ random hash of the moment 🙌🏻
~ #mehehe
Not everyone is special enough for a roasting 👌🏼 #dontbedirty #roasted #mehehe
Listen to: Blues Pills "Won't Go Back" & "Rejection"

Taking the ego trip 🎢
(My oh my how I love the Lady In Gold album!)

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Ti Moune and Daniel Beauxhomme. 🌴✨
((Mga times na more asa si girl 😂 Charot.)) Photo Credits: Cienna Gopela @tsinnalaluu 💓
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