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Peace, prosperity and good fortune – May they all be with you in the coming year. Happy Deepavali! #CambridgeTherapeutics
Taking care of your skin is number 1!!!! You can't just do #botox and not use #medical grade skincare. You can't just do chemical peels and not wear sunscreen. You can't just do juvederm and wash your face with soap. I can go on and on here!! And you can't depend on a facelift when you haven't even taken care of your skin! You gotta do the work!! Just start off with a #medicalgrade #skincare routine like @miracle10skincare and watch your skin glow!!! Then explore injections like botox, fillers and skin boosters (if need be)!!! And if you have sunspots consider lasers!! There's so much to keeping your skin looking flawless that later down the road you won't have to think of having a facelift!
May the joy, cheer, mirth and merriment of this divine festival surround us all. Happy Deepavali everyone! #happydeepavali
This client came in for our medical grade Botox!
She got 12 units of Botox to the forehead area and 6 units of Botox to the crows feet area! Her results were phenomenal in just 3 days!!
Who doesn't want radiant, glowing skin?!?! Achieve a #fresh and #youthful appearance with one of our #medicalgrade #peels. Give us a call to find out which treatment is best for you, 949.364.6161.
Correct or prevent décolletage damage!
You can’t stop time but you can slow it down with our clear Medical Grade Silicone Chest Wrinkle Pads. Worn while you sleep are the perfect non-invasive chest wrinkles treatment and work effectively to smooth out your chest, cleavage, decollete and décolletage wrinkles.

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