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Throwback to the weekend I will always hate to remember but will never forget...MDW 2012 with this beautiful land mermaid. 😩👩‍❤️‍👩 #whathappenedtome #bestfrannnsss #MDW2012 #cantbelieveitsbeen5years
5 years ago today, this guy finally made a move... 🙌🏻
#throwback #MDW2012 #loveofmylife #husbandoftheyear
On a sappy note, a few months after we met I was accepted to school in Sweden and made an uncharacteristic decision not to go... because I needed to stick around to see about this special guy. After one of the most challenging years of my life, I was no longer sure of what my dreams were, in fact, but I had a hunch that they would soon always include him. One day, Wes encouraged me to revive my dream of graduate school in Stockholm. And despite the amazing life we had built among friends and family and our cottage by the sea, we leaped into a realm of new possibilities. Soon I'll be graduating, fulfilling a life-long dream, due in large part to the unwavering support of a partner who encourages me to be the best version of myself. Our time in Sweden was not what we expected with 2 years of long distance instead of daily discoveries together, but adventures we have shared and many still are sure to come! With my time winding down in STHLM, a heartfelt thanks to all near and far who have supported our love and played a role in sustaining our journey in numerous ways. And, of course, a massive Bravo! Hurrah! for my one and only >> we did it!
Patrolling the mean streets of the lazy river since 2012. #lrp #mdw2012
Missing you and one of the best MDW's I've ever had. Oh how things have changed. Love you always girlfriend! Reunion ASAP. #5yearsago #woah #wildwood2012 #mdw2012 #friend @jaimeebon
#tbt to when i was in the best shape of my life. working hard to get back there now. this time in two weeks i'll be in some tropical weather trying to get back to this tan. #throwback #vegas #mdw2012 #bestvacationever #funinthesun #sunkissed ☀️💋
#tbt my first year working #poolseason at #wetrepublic on #mdw2012!! Join us March 10 as we open doors for pool season 2017!! #poolparty