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Yesterday I had the pleasure of being the keynote speaker for Meadowbrook High Schools Senior Convocation. Great group of kids. Love it when a young man/woman tells me that I said something that made them feel they can do whatever they put their minds to. Inspiring others, inspires "Me. #MBBW #LetHimUseYa
What a busy morning! 9:00am I was the keynote speaker for the James River High School Senior Convocation, then at 10:00am I was the keynote speaker for the Goochland Middle School Anti bullying program. So proud of these kids behind me that has made the commitment to help prevent bullying in their school and community! #MBBW #LetHimUseYa
Our shocks display is at 🌴Myrtle Beach Bike Week w/ Hawg Halters Inc! Set up at Barefoot Landing, North MB. Be here til Sun 8th
Micah E. White was recently appointed executive director of the Central Virginia African American Chamber of Commerce.

Congratulations to my friend and brother @comedianbamm I appreciate your service and leadership in Richmond and look forward to the work you will do with the African American Chamber.

#LetHimUseYa #MBBW
Last night I attended the Ronald McDonald House Charity event at the Hilton and had the privilage of meeting this young courageous fella. He was the star of the evening. Hearing his story as to how his twin sister died 20mins after their premature birth (27 weeks early) and how he has survived these past four years with the help of the RMH was humbling. Prayers to you big guy and blessing to the RMH for helping his family and many many others like them! #WhatDoIHaveToComplainAbout #IfHeCanSmileIBetterDoTheSame #LetHimUseYa #MBBW
Had a great time today supporting Carol Adams and her foundation in their first golf tournament at Viniterra Golf Club. Check out Carol Adams Foundation for more information. #NoToDomesticViolence #MBBW
Just finished giving the commencement speech for Fortis College graduation. Every time God uses me to do such a thing I stay in awe. Glad to see people working hard to better themselves and others! Now it's time for that blackened Mama Js catfish! #MBBW #LetHimUseYa #Fortis
Had a great time this morning performing for the Richmond Public School systems kick off convocation. To perform for all the teachers, administrators, and support staff of the Richmond area is something that we all know they need. Laughter does a body good especially when you about to deal with 24,000 children! Was happy to share the moment with the homie @easymog he def rocked out and had them set up for ME. #RPS #MBBW #RVA #BammLoveTheTeachersToo
#WhoIsMicahWhite At the age of 14 I started Playing volleyball. I never told my friends because it was told to me that VB was a girls sport so I kept it to myself to preserve my street cred. I ended up being very good at it but never thought about coaching or anything outside of playing. At the age of 24 I became the assistant coach at Virginia state University by coincidence. After 2 years at Virginia State I then went to James River High School and coached there from 2000 to 2009. During that time our record was 134-27, and those teams helped me win 6 district coach of the year awards and 3 regional coach of the year awards. I stopped to move to LA to further pursue my comedy career. After a 7 year hiatus I went back to James River last year to start my coaching career all over again. I honestly thought I would never return (But God). This year's team has reignited a fire that I forgot was in me. I give a tremendous amount of credit to the girls that I coached in the past for the man I am today and these young ladies are picking up where they left off. #ComeCheckUsOut #TheRebirth #GoRapids2017 #Greatness #MBBW #TheresDefMoreToTheStory #Volleyball
On last Friday I was honored to perform for the family and friends of fallen State Trooper Mike Walter. I was also honored with the Sheriffs coin given to me by "The Sheriff" of Powhatan Brad Nunnally. It's moments like this that shows me the divinity of my gift and God's purpose for giving it to me.....I wonder if this coin has the power to get me out of a ticket??? #NeverMind #ItsACoinNotABadge #Dang #GoneButNotForgotten #MBBW
So last night I finally got a chance to rock out with @roxbury_music. They had no idea if I was good, bad, or horrible but they were cool enough to go-in anyway! If you haven't heard them yet you need to get your life together!! #Salute #MBBW #RVAHasTalent #RVAHT #IJusWannaSing #NotThatGoodButIWantToAnyway