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scrap of my babies

cc me ac novagistic | tc me (give creds pls)
for shreya 💖 | i just love when ig ruins the quality
I miss wizards
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—the known hbic of disney channel
cc mine ac dacrimae
for sarina 💌
^^ yay insta ruined the quality again ^^
alex russo please take several seats and make way for the hbic of wowp.
might delete later
few days late but oh well
i can’t believe it’s been 10 years since this show premiered. I grew up with it and was so sad when it ended. Selena Gomez is one of my favorite people and I loved her and her character so quickly along with the rest of the characters and Jake T. Austin was my first celeb crush
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alex russo ♡

↳ cc. oml.baddiesx / ac. dcbreva

≫ song: gravez - where we from
≫ for stacey & faith! @sassyselenaeditsx @stelestial ≫ i stan the original badass which ended all your faves. expect more selena edits phew!

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