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mbislit 11m ago
Chapter 44
Part 2
(You help him to get out of his car. You give him his backpack and he places his arm on your shoulder. You're holding his hand. Matt's friends see you and they stop you. Matt is now talking with them. They're all asking for his leg until one of them asks him...) ??? ; Matt, is this your girlfriend? I wanted to ask you a long time ago.
Matt; Well... Um... (He looks at you)
Matt; Well yes. She is my girlfriend. ??? ; I knew it! I ship you guys so bad!
Matt; Thanks bro! (He turns his head and sees James. He quickly whispers to you)
Matt; He's here.
You; I saw him.
Matt; What do we do?
You; I don't know.
Matt; Let's just ignore them.
You; Good idea! (The bell rings)
Matt; Let's go to the class. (After the school)
Matt; Oh man! What a day!
You; I agree.
Matt; So, since it's Friday, let's go home and film a vlog!
You; Agree.
Matt; LET'S GO BABYYYYYY! (You are now at the studio where Matt usually records his vlogs and songs)
Matt; WELCOME, to the MORRIS studio!
You; wow! It looks better when you see it in real life!
Matt; I know right! Now, sit on the couch and I'll bring the camera.
You; Are you sure you can get it?
Matt; Yeah. (He sets of his camera. He sits next to you taking his phone out. He takes a photo of the camera and posts it with the caption " What am I up to? 😏") Matt; Are you ready?
You; yes!
Matt; Let's do it! (The camera starts recording) {OMG! OH MY MATT! YOU'RE FILMING A VLOG TOGETHER!} #mattybraps #mattyb #bfam #alwayshereformattyb #mattybfanfic (#mattybcometogreece)
User Image bruh.js Posted: Mar 19, 2018 6:36 PM (UTC)

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- @mattybraps - he is the most beautiful boy in the world ( with Jacob ) 🤤 @mattybraps / more pictures for him ? #mattybraps #mattybfans #boy #pretty #lovehim #lila #purple #loveyouuuu #gray #white #loveyoumattyb
User Image mattxhaschak Posted: Mar 19, 2018 5:54 PM (UTC)

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*Keep Swiping*💛 First edit for @mattybraps 💜💜this took me forever so please tag the king💛💛 then & now and how he’s progressed through the years☺️☺️👑👑 comment if you want me to do one for the @haschaksisters please tag @mattybraps if you can!!! He’s always been a king even when he was little 😂😂 xx. #mattybraps #mattyb #bgirls @mattybraps 😂❤️👑

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