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User Image malecfix Posted: Feb 23, 2018 6:11 AM (UTC)

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Fan art credit: @noksindra
Chapter eight:
Alec was brought downstairs, where he was told to knee down, he did. Suddenly a sharp pain went through his body as Imogene started pointing the device at Alec's deflect rune. The big rune that he had on his neck. It was always his most sensitive rune, one of his firsts as well. He had had it since he got his first Angelic rune. It was a Lightwood family tradition to get the deflect rune on your neck. He chcose the same side as his mother had because he was loyal to her and Izzy and chosen the side that Robert's rune was placed.
He remembered the kisses Magnus had placed down it during sex, It wss the most sensitive so it made him gasp for air. But now that good sensational sensitiveness was no longer there, and instead sharp pain. He knew that Jace could feel it too. Feel the pain soaring through his body. So not only could Alec feel his own pain, He felt Jace's which made it hurt twice as bad.
Jace fell to the floor as he felt the runes burning off his skin, He screamed in agony as Izzy, Magnus and Clary looked at each other in horror. They took him to Isabelle's room, that way they didn't disturb anyone. Magnus was crying because he knew that the pain Jace was feeling was the same as Alec's.
Alec was forced to take his shirt off once the deflect rune was gone. Imogene started at his back, burning off the flexibility rune as he screamed even more. Biting down on his tongue, blood began to seep all through his mouth. He tried so hard not to bite at his tongue any more because he knew that if he kept going he would eventually fall off.

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