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😂 LMAO these solders are just straight up bored passing clever messages in Afghanistan 🇦🇫 #MarriedLife #DeployedLife #Deployed #Overseas #Murica
Four years ago I married my best friend ❤️ thankful every day that we get to share our lives together #marriedlife #love #tbt2013 #bestfriend
To my wonderful, sexy, intellectual, beautiful, and amazing wife...
10yrs ago we started this journey of love and have been blessed thus far. Im so greatful to have #SuchAFuckingLady. I love you more today than i did yesterday but not more than tomorrow.
#10yrsAndCounting #101920212007
#TeamVaughn #TeamUs #MarriedLife #WeRenewedOurVows #InLoveWithLove #InLoveWithHer #MyHoneyPot #ImHerPooh
Hey!!! If you're new to my IG family you have to meet the most important person in my world 💝 Superman. He's the guy that keeps me sane, grounded and encouraged. He's the guy that makes my coffee in the mornings and read the Bible with me everyday 🙏🏼 He's the man of my dreams and so much more. If you haven't found your guy or girl of your dreams yet, I can tell you that I didn't think my "dream guy" was possible.. I thought I was too picky and so I didn't even want to date anyone.. I just focused on my career and finally God brought him to me in His time (actually he was already there, I just couldn't "see" him). When you feel lost about who God has for you just remember that He knows so the best thing you can do is become BFFs with God!! A real BFF shares secrets right?! 😉 📷PC: @bethanylongphotography
I’ll never get tired of the way you look at me. I’ll never get used to the fact that you married me despite my neuroticism and general eccentricity. As it turns out, everyone was right: marriage is HARD. But marrying you was the best choice I’ve ever made.
UTAH WIVES: I've already got the next workshops for wives in the works and I'm so excited for you to attend! I wanted to avoid the holidays so the next one will be in January! 👍🏻🙌🏼❤️💃🏾👯💍❤️
Since there was such an overwhelming response to holding these again, I wanted to let you know in advance so you can be making plans to come! ALSO: I've had requests for different locations all over Utah, so I'm taking a poll for what cities I should come to first :) Right now I have venues I'm looking at in downtown SLC, Sandy, Bountiful, and Provo. Reply in the comments your preference or go vote in my instastories! #wifelife #wifelifeworkshop #thewivesworkshop #freshlymarried #keepingmarriagefresh

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