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Just got back from having a great time at #yancystreetcomics . I even got to meet a great couple of guys I've looked up to for years now and drew next to #markpennington @elliotfernandez_art elliotfernandez all because I went to deliver a #rochelletheteencockroach commission to @johnecrowther johncrowther
User Image heyimmarce Posted: Sep 18, 2017 12:31 AM (UTC)

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So, this is a little sketch of Shade the changing man I've made last week. Maybe I'll make it an actual drawing, on some better paper, maybe I'm gonna ink it... I don't know .

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User Image comics_shelf Posted: Sep 3, 2017 6:08 PM (UTC)

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Quick Thoughts (D.E.A.R.): "Playing to the Camera" (issues 20-25 of Daredevil (1998-2011 series)). Cover by: David Mack. { spoilers ahead }. I confess that sometimes I seek out material published between famous and acclaimed runs. And this story is surprisingly pretty good. It was published before Brian M. Bendis' run of Daredevil. Murdock/Daredevil suspects that someone's impersonating him after he learns that he's being sued by a millionaire (Griggs), for property damage he didn't cause. And even if Griggs isn't a super villain, Daredevil still goes through some tough obstacles as the two sides of the lawsuit have a back and forth battle through the press (Griggs demanding an apology, etc..). This story is a neat take on the idea of a crime fighter vs. legal issues, which of course has been done humorously in She-Hulk comics. In this series: I was very surprised that the tone is fairly serious, while not being gloomy (which is as we know is default territory with Daredevil comics). .

Some interesting points or questions appear through the arc with regards to heroes and legal matters: payment, communication and information between client /lawyer, how will Matt be in the courtroom as Griggs' attorney and also as Daredevil?, Matt as Daredevil having to hold back what he knows about the law to keep his dual identity a secret, and so on. Questions, answers, hurdles appear throughout the story and never feeling too overwhelming, though I do think that 4 or 5 issues would've been enough (instead of 6). And one or two final answers do feel like a tangent to what was happening, though I will also mention that they don't contradict earlier details such as the order/ timeline of events #BobGale #NanciDakesian #Comicsgram #PhilWinslade #Comiccraft #DavidMack #HereComesDaredevil #DaveRoss #ChrisChuckry #JamesHodgkins #MarkPennington #StuartMoore
Collector's Comic Con is proud to announce Mark Pennington as a special guest! You may know Mark from his time on X-men, Batman, JLA, Spawn, Bloodshot and The Path!

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