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Hiii friends 👋🏼... If you're new to the C it Nutritionally community then you may not know that I've been following a low fodmap diet for the past eight weeks 🤔 to figure out the triggers of some uncomfortable bloating and intense stomach pain 🤦🏻‍♀️. If you've never heard of a low fodmap diet, you're not alone - it eliminates fermentable carbohydrates, 🚫 like garlic and onions (among many other nutritious foods), to help relieve symptoms (I do NOT recommend needlessly eliminating foods!!! 🙅🏻). Part of my journey has been to figure out ways to enjoy foods I love 😍 without symptoms, including one of my favorite fall dishes - spaghetti squash and sauce! 🍝 Soooo I made a low fodmap tomato basil sauce WITHOUT garlic and onions 🍅🌱🥕🌶 that's every bit as delish as my favorite store-bought varieties with these aromatic flavors!
If you're part of the 10-15% of individuals with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) 🙇🏻‍♀️ and are seeking relief, this recipe may just be your first stop on a journey to no more tummy troubles! 🙌🏼 Go grab the recipe on 👉🏼 and find out a little more about my low fodmap experience! 😘
Using an immersion blender to smooth our #marinarasauce to a liquid consistency from a chunky sauce. 🍅🍕🍝 #immersionblender
We thought everyday was the right day to enjoy pasta! So, why not try all of of Colavita's marinara recipes, right? Scroll through in link above! #NationalPastaDay
Today is National Pasta Day🍝 For Italians it’s any other ordinary day🇮🇹.

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