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•HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BABIES🎉When did you grow up so fast😭😭The are sixteen!!!This is the first birthday as a MM'er!And I am proud that I joined this family💕💕💕💕💕
•What do you think?Are they gonna kiss🤔
•Who wants more tonight💕💕
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User Image mactinuswriter Posted: Feb 20, 2018 8:03 PM (UTC)

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Part 8 | Can't stop loving you
>>Lucy <<
Suddenly Martinus runs down the stairs and stops when he sees us."Get off her!"Tinus yells and pulls me away from Marcus."Martinus please!We were just talking!"I say and look at Marcus."Why did you hug her?"Tinus yells at Mac."Why do you care?You aren't together with her Martinus, so get off!"Marcus yells back."Yeah but I wish I was"Martinus whispers and runs out in the garden.I look behind him, exactly knowing what he just said.Although he whispered I could hear it clearly.I knew that he likes me because he tried to kiss me.But I thought that it was just a little crush, not more.But I was wrong.He must be really hurt now.I start to go to the door when Marcus shouts behind me."Where are you going?""I have to fix this"I mumble.I go outside and close the door behind me.It is really cold and the sun is already going down.I see Martinus sitting on the trampolin while he watchs the sun set.I clear my throat so he notices me."Hey"I whisper quietly."Hey"I walk a few steps closer."Can I come to you?"I ask."Sure why not" he says a little annoyed."I sit down beside him on the trampolin."I'm sorry"I say."For what?"he asks surprised."For being so rude to you.I just ran away as you tried to kiss me.I'm really sorry but I'm not over Marcus yet."I say and he sights."But I hope I will forget him.I mean he applogized for what he did and also he explaind to me why he broke up with me."I see that he looks at me so I turn my head to look him in the eyes but he quickly turns his head away again."Do you want to tell me why he broke up?"he asks me.I'm a little surprised."You don't know that your brother has to go to lessons to learn how to controll his anger?Because he is easily getting angry and punshing people for no reason?"I ask.The first time he looks up at me."I didn't know!"
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