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One of the greatest pleasures is the chance to appreciate the beauty of nature. Few things compare to Waterfall Bubinga in the beauty of the world around us. What a pleasure and honor it is to work with such amazing pieces. #shedlifewood #waterfallbubinga #bubinga #woodporn #exoticwood #manthings #woodworking
Daily readings::: when you have or beginning a relationship with god you have important things to do to walk in his favor, that must be carried out by us his children. whatever we do we must place him in front of us everyday bc you can't be one day you all about god then the next you trying to treat god like plies lyrics "ran off on the plug twice " 🤷🏾‍♂️😂 but day in and day out you must encourage yourself in the lords name In every situation place his name in it. go to him don't ask to fix, but to guide you with a strong mind body and sprit... to be optimistic in though situations but reassured and confirm on importance of you changing the flaws you deem necessary need to be work on bout yourself, but with all this said the one thing to keep that reminder in your brain speak god in to every thing you do and witness him move you...💯💯💯. #king #manthings #facts #knoledge #substance #blessup #godwins
Break it down simple things right 1: text her- good morning, how's your day?, what on your mind, did you eat👌🏾major one lol, I just wanted you to know I was thinking about you, make sure you say your prayers, good night beautiful 2: call her -just call to see how u was doing and I miss your voice I know I talked to you earlier but I had to hear again 😁👌🏾points, 3: take her out on a date - make sure you in tune with what she eats this is weekly bc that [email protected]@@ change frequently with every diet 🙄🤚🏾🤣🤣🤣. 4:she has a problem 👂🏽🤐👂🏽- what's wrong, what happen??, tell me about it🙇🏽 5:try solving the problem-if your apart of it work to fix it even if you have to lose time,sleep, and eating try your best to fix the problem!!😤 6: avoid the argument- its no need bc at the end of the day look what's in front of you what's more important her or the proven point..🤔 talk it out 💯 7: look good, smell good- this has a lot to do with how you feel about yourself remember health is wealth and if you don't a guy like me stay in the gym and go with women top 5 choice fragrances lol 😳#facts 💯💯💯 #manthings #king #knowledge #substance
This is fire and we are Men. Men make fire. When you as a manly man makes fire, be careful. Make sure to arrange your wood, igniter and kindling properly. Many videos exist on YouTube on how to arrange wood for campfire. You are a Man... You should know how to make a proper campfire. #misteroldfashion
Where this woman at 😍😍 and side note yes I be rocking wit SZA so 😁lol and she self conscious about her booty lmao 😂🤷🏾‍♂️#manthings #facts #king&queen #king

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