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Chewie’s Corner pose every workday morning ! Unconditional Love from a pet is something children can grow up with to make them give as much to everyone around them. Having a pet like a dog gives them a sense of security that there’s always a guaranteed source of unlimited happiness nearby. #mansbestfried #shitzu #blessings #dogstagram #petstagram #instadog
The next slides will give you a glimpse of Lucas's 3 hour long doggie spa day.
He also needs a little music to set the mood and relax.
2.Soap and Lather with oatmeal dog shampoo.
3.Brush the chompers. (All 42 teeth)
4.Rinse 4 times.
5.Let dog sit in shower alone to #shaketodry
After Soaking up remaining water.
Then relocate to...
6.Air blow his hair as you work some of the hair knots out.
7.Brush and comb extensively.
8.Trim nails.
9.Trim out excess hair and Clean out ears
10. Give dog a big treat and Hug.
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Mi nuevo amigo. El me encontró a mi. Limpies sus heridas calme su sed. Y respondió con su amistad. #mansbestfried #dogrescue #pitbull
A princesa relaxa com Lupo, seu cãozinho da raça cocker spaniel, no Beaufort Polo Club, enquanto seu marido, o Príncipe William, jogava com o irmão Harry. O príncipe William e Kate receberam o cachorrinho de presente do irmão dela, logo após o casamento. em abril de 2011. O cãozinho mora na casa de campo da família.

Copyright foto: HUSSEIN ANWAR/SIPA
Burgess Design Company is proud to announce our new campaign to help save animals lives. It is our way to do what we do best and help out Animal Rescues and Sanctuaries who rely on Volunteers and Donations to fund day to day operations. ---
We have a long history of working with Animal Rescues and are Proud Pittie Parents of 2 Rescue Pups as well. (Pictured Above)
We'll be posting new designs, products, stories and featured animals in need.

We look forward to delivering you great products to help us help them.
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