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Whether you need to create some folders in your inbox to keep things organized, choose one day of the week to clear out your inbox, or turn off the notifications that are slowly making you crazy, do what you need to do today to take control of your inbox. // #write31days #holyhustle
Here at #girltribegang we believe that every #girlboss and aspiring #girlboss is unique and therefore deserves a unique approach when it comes to coaching you to success, so we are doing the hard work for you and creating a #girlboss Coaching Hub, of associate coaches, who we think are 'experts' in what they do and can guide you to success + who will be teaming up with us here at GTG to bring their expertise to our members.

Emma is a Success Coach and Business Mentor for women, having left her corporate career as a high flying solicitor to set up her own business - and she nailed it! - two years later she had grown the business to a global turnover of over £700K - yep, impressive stuff.

Emma leapt from the corporate world after the birth of her second child, to set up her own business from home so that she could work more flexibly around her girls and be more in control of her own destiny. As part of this business she has personally coached and mentored hundreds of men and women to start their own successful businesses and to engage in their own personal development, driven by her passion to share what she has experienced first hand.


During her legal career she balanced her day job alongside being a legal mentor and coach for up and coming solicitors, as well as designing and implementing a variety of learning and development projects for her team, so providing guidance, support and direction has always been an essential part of Emma's life.


Emma combines all of her knowledge and own experiences into her private one to one and group programmes, designed specifically for women.


Emma is passionate about supporting women to feel empowered and in control, and to live life to their full potential, to shake off the limiting beliefs, doubts and anxieties, and to achieve the success and happiness they deserve - especially #girlbosses.

As well as being a #badass #girlboss, Emma is a lovely human being inside and out and we're excited here at #girltribegang HQ to bring her expertise and insights to our members and spread a sprinkle of her passion and enthusiasm 🙌
Warum es hier in letzter Zeit so still war? Wer meine Instastories verfolgt hat weiß, dass ich im Hintergrund fleißig am großen Mamanehmer Relaunch bastel.
Am Montag geht es offiziell los! Alles wird neu! Neue Farben, neues Logo und zum YouTube Kanal wird es dann auch einen Blog 📋 geben, der gerade mit Inhalten gefüllt wird! 📝

Die YouTube Videos 🎥 werden kürzer, kompakter und informativer und es wird feste Uploadtage geben!

Hier ist schon mal eine kleine Preview zu dem, was da kommen wird! Schaut aber auf jeden Fall regelmäßig in meine InstaStories, denn da nehme ich euch immer mal wieder mit in die Entwicklung.
An was arbeitet ihr gerade?

#mamanehmer #mompreneurde #relaunch #blog
Company for dinner prep - perfect don't put me down solution 😉

Still learning with the back carry, we will have to get out to another babywears meet! In the meantime, back to YouTube 😄 (I don't actually cook while babywearing, due to tue whole flames and hot stuff - but for dinner prep its the way to go!)
So true for anyone running a creative business!

Your creations and ideas (if you share them) can get copied at the drop of a hat, so you need to be different.

How do you do that in a sea of samey (yeah, I know. It's morning, its the first thing that came into my head) stuff?

Well it's very simple my dear.
BE YOU! THERE'S ONLY ONE! (Thank f**k, my Husband would say 😁) Happy Days Mama 🖤 .
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Have you ever had those days, you know the ones when you feel like there simply aren’t enough hours to get everything done?

You're SO not alone!

We all have days like this, many of us even have weeks, months or years like this. The longer I'm in this blogging world, the more I learned to accept the fact that there will always be more projects than I have time for, and more tasks that should be done than actually will get done.

If I let that stress me out, I will spend my life being stressed. So I choose instead to simply do the best I can.
Kamu baru mau pindah dari kosmetik lain ke produk Nu Skin? Abis pakai krim racikan?? Krim abal2? Krim dokter?? Mau beralih ke perawatan sehat dengan hasil luar biasa?? .
NUTRICENTIALS dari Nu Skin jawabannya!!!
Diformulasi dengan kandungan nutrisi yang telah dibuktikan dengan penelitian untuk meningkatkan penampilan kulit yang sehat alami.
✔ ️Bahan alami
✔️ Bisa untuk bumil/busui
✔ ️Aman untuk remaja
✔️ Detox dari racun2 kosmetik masa lalu
✔️ Menyehatkan kulit
✔️ Membuat kulit cerah

Info wa. 0812-8958-5505

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Kabar gembira buat kamu yg berjerawat. Udh cobain produk apa ja jerawat ttp balik lg? Pakai produk abal2 awalnya hilang dan kinclong,stelah beberapa lama muncul flek, kerutan, kusam, jerawat smakin rame, hingga penuaan dini?😲
ini dia solusinya..😍
💕Nu Skin Clear Action Foaming Cleanser
Mengurangi jerawat yang sedang timbul dan mencegah timbulnya jerawat yang disebabkan bercampurnya minyak dan kotoran dengan membersihkan kulit sampai ke dalam pori-pori dengan kandungan TEA Cocoyl Glutamate.
💕Nu Skin Clear Action Toner
Kandungan vitamin C dan E berfungsi untuk mengembalikan persediaan antioksidan alami yang digunakan untuk mengurangi bekas jerawat. Zinc PCA membantu mengontrol minyak sehingga mengurangi kemungkinan terjadinya jerawat.
💕Nu Skin Clear Action Day Treatment
Kandungan Mandelic Acid di dalamnya yang bekerja dengan lembut menyerap ke dalam kulit untuk mengurangi bekas jerawat dan menjaga pori-pori kulit tetap bersih. Sehingga dapat membantu menyembuhkan jerawat dan tanda-tanda yang berhubungan dengan jerawat.
💕Nu Skin Clear Action Night Treatment
Alpha Lipoic Acid yang dipatenkan dan Vitamin E (Tocoperyl Acetate) yang membantu mengurangi bekas-bekas jerawat (tekstur dan warna kulit yang tidak merata) yang disebabkan jerawat di masa lalu.

Chat me...0812-8958-5505

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Woohoo! Another successful drop for the amazing @brooklynnandgrey 🙌🏻 She managed to stay open for one whole hour before selling out! Wanna know a secret though?? Theres still a few goodies currently available in her Etsy shop in case you missed the drop and need a lil B&G fix 👌🏻😘
* •

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l just love making my melts! Each one is handmade by me with organic flower petals and Eco friendly glitter (not just poured into a plastic mould and labeled like others!) not only do they look great they smell amazing and last 30 hours + each! (Sometimes longer!) They are packaged 100% #plasticfree and wrapped individually in tissue paper. Available on our website link in bio!
Here is a sweet photo of me talking with a small group @tuesdaystogetherrva. It still blesses my ❤ that I was asked to speak about #clientexperience. I am constantly overwhelmed with joy (and tears of happiness) as my inbox is flooded with notifications that my previous couples have written me such beautiful reviews. Handwritten notes also bring me unspeakable joy! 🙌🏾THANK YOU to everyone who has supported my sweet small biz. It means more than you'll ever know... Love you SO much. 💕Jazz 📸 @cheyvarner #gratefulheart #ilovemyclients #clientlove #clientreviews #smallbiz #mompreneur #mamapreneur #weddingplannerjoy #weddinginspo #weddingcoordination #dayofcoordination #eventmanagement #weddingwire #borrowedandblue #weddingplanner #weddingplannerlife #agapeloveevents #agapeloveeventsrva #agapeloveeventswedding
I’m loving meeting new creatives and listening to their stories with #theheartfeltgrid. One of my favorite parts of my online business is meeting new people and learning about their unique gifts 💕
The start of my little home office. I'm so proud of this little side business I have got going on. #bestdecisionever #smallbusiness #joinmyteam #mamapreneur
The Game Changers Society Luncheon today was out of this world! During our peer advisory session we discussed referrals and it sounds like a lot of referrals have been past just in the last month!
Great job Rob-Jen Loftin for running a smooth meeting while I kept time for everyone!
Was also fun to take my GCS members through the Needs Analysis process I go through for #LegalShield Business Solutions and showcasing what we offer!
I know this group has given me a LOT of referrals and this top caliber professionals make it easy to funnel my referrals and connections through as well!
At zero cost this group is the most solid, cost effective, and actively bringing value to my business, my clients and the marketplace!

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