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User Image paperandspark Posted: Jan 22, 2018 6:25 PM (UTC)

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Since many of you are getting ready to do your taxes, you may have questions about how your Etsy shop will affect your tax situation. There’s this myth that likes to flit around the internet that if you sell online (via Etsy or elsewhere), you’re considered a hobby and you don’t need to report your sales on your taxes. I hate to rain on your parade, but it's not true. Do you have the intent of making a profit with your shop? If the answer is yes, then you are the proud owner of a business! Business or hobby, there’s not really a minimum sale amount your business must meet before you need to claim those sales on your tax return. Read more about this topic and learn where those sales go on your tax forms on the Paper + Spark blog. As usual, the link is in the profile! :) . . . . .
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Had so much fun working with @ymmdancecompany on the weekend! The studio is under construction and scheduled to open in June. They offer a range of classes for both kids and adults ;) check em out!! #lxcdesigns #ymm #ymmdancecompany #fortmcmurray #fortmac #ymmcity
Figuring out the next moves...a new painting, getting print versions of this series, working on paper studies, and hand stitched pieces. There’s a lot of different currents going through my head in the best way. It feels like clarity.
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User Image zoeprose Posted: Jan 22, 2018 2:48 PM (UTC)

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Watching Mary Poppins this afternoon and remembering this quote. I love how the imagination can take us to such wonderful places no matter how old we are ✨ I love the books and have a lovely old set which I hope to share with Phoebe before too long. (This print is one of my children’s classics range with other quotes from magical books 🌿)
I am excited to be part of the @vaeraleigh community exhibition program for January and February! Please join me at @hagersmithdesign on the evening of 2/2 from 6-9pm for a reception showcasing some of my newest work. All pieces available for purchase with a percentage of sales going to support VAE!
User Image justacard Posted: Jan 22, 2018 8:16 AM (UTC)

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HAPPY MONDAY!! HUGE Thank You to @topdrawerlondon and @alejandra.camposmorales for such massive support and for having us at the show. We had a fantastic time meeting so many JUST A CARD supporters and giving out the FREE shop window stickers so kindly donated by @printedcom . Massive thanks too @pglivelondon - we are so grateful that you've been so kind to our campaign 😊
We shall be sending stickers to people who couldn't make the show - info coming soon. Ace image by @ixxiyourworld #justacard #wemakecollective #makersformakers
#wearethemakers #supportthemakers
#capturemycraft #sharinghandmadejoy
#prettycreativestyle #slowliving_create
#buyfolk #prettycreativelife #seekinspirecreate #thenativecreative #handmadeisbest #modernmaker #bestmadehandmade
User Image homemadebeautiful Posted: Jan 21, 2018 9:03 PM (UTC)
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Here’s why we love the @justacard campaign. Our customers often say ‘Just this today’ almost apologetically...but here’s the thing every little bit of support you give us, no matter how small it might seem keeps our door open and that is a pretty massive thing. So thank you for every time you have called in to buy ‘just a card’ x

Repost from @justacard using @RepostRegramApp - JUST A CARD, just a pot, just a book, just a candle, just a ring......and so it goes on. This campaign is about making this logo so instantly recognisable that when people see it they are reminded that every sale means so much to independent creative businesses. If you value incredible hard work, passion and quality then play your part. Share this logo - Share our message - this campaign is about us all. We are a team of volunteers who work on this tirelessly because it means everything to us! I @sarahhamiltonprints set this campaign up 3 years ago because, among other reasons, I was doing a Christmas design event with lots of amazing artists & designers & loads of people were complimenting profusely the stall holders on their beautiful work - gushing like crazy - then walking on. Compliments don't pay the bills. They're absolutely wonderful and make the world a sunnier place - don't get me wrong - but if at all possible - please buy something at these fairs. The crazy thing is when customers realise how vital & valued their support is they do make purchases. We know - because we are told all the time that displaying our posters works. So - will you help spread the word so that all those wonderful amazing artists, designers and independent shops have a fabulous Christmas & the wider public can enjoy giving gifts made with love and passion?! Tag someone today. Please join the JUST A CARD mailing list on our website - Please leave a comment below if our message is important to you.
#justacard #wemakecollective #makersformakers
#wearethemakers #supportthemakers
#capturemycraft #sharinghandmadejoy
#prettycreativestyle #slowliving_create
#buyfolk #prettycreativelife #seekinspirecreate #thenativecreative #handmadeisbest #modernmaker #bestmadehandmade
User Image justacard Posted: Jan 21, 2018 7:42 AM (UTC)

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THRILLED so many lovely people picked up shop window stickers @topdrawerlondon !! It really was a JUST A CARD party!! There will be stickers in shop windows saying SUPPORT INDEPENDENT SHOPS up and down the country. PLEASE ensure you tweet, Instagram and FB pictures of your shop with the stickers. We ask no money from people for this campaign. We made a decision NOT to ask for your hard earned spondoolies - (it would be great for the campaign to have some, but charging small businesses, who work so hard, just doesn't seem fair) BUT ....we would ask that you help spread the word. The hardest work for us is promotion. We want our message to spread so that ALL Independents benefit so please be part of this. This campaign is for and about everyone who values the hard work YOU put in to your business and community. We will be posting stickers - information coming soon. Have a wonderful creative day!

Image by the fabulous @getstudioink Stickers SO kindly donated by @printedcom . #justacard #wemakecollective #makersformakers
#wearethemakers #supportthemakers
#capturemycraft #sharinghandmadejoy
#prettycreativestyle #slowliving_create
#buyfolk #prettycreativelife #seekinspirecreate #thenativecreative #handmadeisbest #modernmaker #bestmadehandmade
User Image zoeprose Posted: Jan 20, 2018 10:05 PM (UTC)

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I don’t think we’ll ever regret spending time doing the things that really fill us up, inspire us and bring us joy. If you saw my video on my stories you’ll know I actually got the paints back out during naptime on Thursday and two days later in the midst of each child going through some fever thing it’s still filling me up somehow. Put down the internet for a while and go and do something that lights you up this weekend ✨
Don't you love my 📷assistant?! He gives me the most pure feedback about my work 😍 The piece on top is Dusty Rose Coast. 30"x40" acrylic, ink and resin on cradled wood panel. Available for purchase and will debut at an upcoming show. Stay tuned for details.

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