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2018 NLR WR @aaronngriffin 6 games in and all that matter is making plays to get the next win. #GameDay #MakePlaysNotExcuses #Motivation
2018 NLR WR @aaronngriffin That's 3-0 with the most important games to go. Keep them hands ready, it's coming. 😉#MakePlaysNotExcuses #Motivation
2018 NLR WR @aaronngriffin Learning to make the hard play makes making the easy play easier. #MakePlaysNotExcuses #Motivation
T.E.A.M Together Everyone Achieves More... We are proud of these Young King's for fighting through adversity. We lost a key piece to our puzzle early in the game, we played individual football which put us in a hole going into halftime, turned the ball over to start the 2nd half and a gave up a quick score. Going into the 4th qtr it was 24-0 and they had the ball. We kept preaching one play at a time and play with pride. Defense locked it up and made big time plays even when the refs was acting like they were from Midland.. Offensive line set the tone, Our Qb stepped up and took control of the team and the skills made plays when their numbers were called to put us up 27-24. Defense made it close but ended up keeping their offense out of the endzone with a 4th down stop inside the 10.. We are extremely proud of all of them and their efforts. We still have a way to go but we are moving in the right direction. As You Can See We Live Babay!!!! #positivevibes #tjvikings #wearetj #trusttheprocess #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #football #makeplaysnotexcuses #nevergiveup #marathonnotasprint
2018 NLR WR @aaronngriffin The only thing that has ever stopped you from making plays on the field was not being on the field. #GameDay #Motivation #MakePlaysNotExcuses
2018 NLR WR @aaronngriffin Take nothing for granted and pay close attention to what hard work does then work harder! #MakemComeSeeAG #Motivation #MakePlaysNotExcuses
2018 NLR WR @aaronngriffin You could drop it and blame nerves or the lights OR you could catch it and then go 45 more yards for the score. #MakePlaysNotExcuses #WelcomeBack