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User Image leenaworldcom Posted: Nov 24, 2017 6:55 AM (UTC)
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I want to remind you that you're pure love and light🦋🌈 You are a beautiful human being, you're strong, you're loved, you're awesome and you deserve all the love and light in the entire universe, so make sure you give this to yourself today🌌 you're so worth it! Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams, you can create your own dream life, so dream big dont be scared... GO FOR IT🌈🌈🌈 #love #light #yom #magictribe #positive #selflove #selfworth #life #fulfilling #dreams #dreamlife #manifest #smile #happy #happiness #enjoy #purposeoflife #purpose #island #islandlife #bali #indonesia #YOMsoultribe #yourownmagic
User Image dovedahlia Posted: Nov 24, 2017 4:53 AM (UTC)
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Each step of the journey is made by following the heart instead of following the crowd and by choosing knowledge over the veils of ignorance.
:::Henri Bergson:::
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Tickets for our final #goddessgathering of the year are now available. Hosted by @songofoya and @suzycherub, celebrate the summer solstice and join us for a summer picnic with grazing table by @gather_graze.
Tickets are limited and we have already sold over half, so get in quick if you want to join us!
Tickets available via link in bio.
User Image alexaofthemyriads Posted: Nov 24, 2017 4:26 AM (UTC)
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Free live session on IG Live, where we will journey to the Myriads! Come along beautiful being. Only happening Live on Monday 27 Nov at 21 CET (Sthlm)/12 PM PST! #myriads #starbeing #starseed #rememberingself #divinefemininerising #sacredandholy #magictribe #awakewomen #spiritjunkie #spirituality #sacredsupportfromthestarsyesplease #risesisterrise #thenewearth
User Image lisafabrega Posted: Nov 24, 2017 4:10 AM (UTC)
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I live on land that once belonged to the Chumash tribe. I never forget that, every morning that I wake up here and am so deeply grateful to live here. To have these views. To feel the strong presence of Mother and Father here. A friend recently came up to visit me here and told me “when I step on the land you live on it feels like silk threads are caressing me”. This is a sacred place, a place of healing. This land speaks to me since the day I arrived, she has told me “eat my fruits” when I was feeling afraid and it calmed me. The trees have said “rest your forehead on my trunk” when I have been sad and I have felt held. The animals have appeared during client sessions in the garden as guides which helped produce breakthroughs.

And yet I never forget that this land is stolen too.

I was at Standing Rock last year for Thanksgiving. I had always felt uncomfortable celebrating Thanksgiving but when I was there at Oceti Sakowin I finally understood in my heart what a loss humanity suffered the day pilgrims arrived and systematically wiped out millions and millions of indigenous people, stole their lands and infected us with their ways.
Watching the Sioux tribe I understood that what we were learning at camp was the way humans were supposed to have been living. In harmony with our environment, genuinely caring for each other, leaving no one behind.

I pray every day to this land that I am worthy of living on her. That I am worthy despite what some of my ancestors may have done. I discovered many years ago that I am of Indigenous American descent myself, though what tribe I belonged to has long been lost as my blood line mixed with so many other people.

All this to say that I feel the loss of how society became about things that don’t actually fulfill us. How we lost our connection to the earth. I feel the wound of what has been done to our indigenous brothers and sisters acutely in my bones on this day. I feel how it has hurt the very soul of humanity and set us back so many years.
And yet I also love that this day can bring so many in connection (cont. below)
User Image harvestandmoontarot Posted: Nov 24, 2017 4:02 AM (UTC)
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My first vegan Thanksgiving was the best Thanksgiving meal I've ever had!
So incredibly thankful for this little soulmate of mine. Shout out to all you single parents out there who have to share your children during the holidays. I don’t have Sol with me for thanksgiving this year and it is a trip not having her with us. But life is good and the kids are healthy and happy and there is so much to be grateful for. Happy day lovelies! Photo by @shannonjaynephoto #mothersunandthecaptain
User Image thewholewayhome Posted: Nov 24, 2017 12:23 AM (UTC)
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For today only purchase a Spikenard Essential Oil and Receive a free Wintergreen!! Two incredible oils from Nepal and sustainably source and creating a massive impact to support jobs and families in the community.

Spikenard is the oil of gratitude connecting you with peace and restoration. Super grounding awesome for sleep, meditation and skin.

Wintergreen soothes aches and pains and is great for physical body. It is also the oil of you the permission to let that shit go.

Check out my live video above and I’ll be in again to totally spam you about these oils 💕
User Image purple_light_girl Posted: Nov 23, 2017 11:40 PM (UTC)
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♒The purpose of a ritual bath is to cleanse Yourself, from the inside and out, of negative energies and prepare your Physical, Mental and Spiritual Self for Circle. A ritual bath is a rite in and of itself. The rite is ideally done just prior to Circle, but this is not always the case.🙇
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User Image songofoya Posted: Nov 23, 2017 11:25 PM (UTC)
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Just shared some words and photos from our Sacred Goddess Retreat on the weekend. It was a magical weekend and my heart is still full of gratitude for all the wonderful women who joined us (link in bio).
User Image fxywlf Posted: Nov 23, 2017 10:34 PM (UTC)
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fxywlf 9h ago
Decalcify your pineal gland. Decolonize your mind. ✨💗🗝
User Image fxywlf Posted: Nov 23, 2017 10:24 PM (UTC)
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fxywlf 9h ago
Constantly transforming, morphing and shapeshifting into whatever I need to become.
📷 via @behatilife 💕

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