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User Image kellsvideoxx Posted: Nov 17, 2017 7:42 PM (UTC)
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Even when his ex Tara arrived and told him that she was pregnant, I was there for him. And I can proudly call me the godmother's aunt of Cassie, she's with me almost every third weekend and together we watch Disney movies and eat ice cream.
Kells I see unfortunately not so often but despite the fact that he is now so famous, we try to telephone or skype daily.
Actually, I can not say anything against our friendship, but since I've been with Rook together, he is somehow turning the wheel, he is pissed off by both of us and he thinks he can hide it, but he probably thought wrong... I would lie if I said he'd never reacted like that, if I had a friend, or had met one in his presence, he has always been so, but I do not understand why...
he is the one who always says , that we are just friends! So where is the problem? And when I address him, he says, "I just do not want you to have an asshole as a friend!" So is his best friend Rook an asshole? #MakeNoSense.
But I find somehow with it, every time we argue it hurts me and I will not lose him... #machinegunkelly #fanfiction #mgkfanfiction
So guys this is a FF i wrote a long time ago so i decided to post this here...please tell me in the comments if you like and when you want to read more 😊❤
User Image kellsvideoxx Posted: Nov 17, 2017 7:37 PM (UTC)
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Hey my name is Shelly, but you can also call me Shelly.
Doesn't make sense what it write right? but everyone has a nickname or? Nope I do not, I only have the name Shelly.
I tell you now how exhausting a friendship between man and woman can be, such a friendship I lead.
1. I am probably friends with the most famous rapper, you know him under the name Machine Gun Kelly but I know him only as Kells and this since the fourth grade.
2. I'm not famous, and I'm still working at Chipotle, the store he left 9 years ago, because the lucky guy got a record deal from Puff.
I've known him since I moved from New York to Cleveland, and there was this boy who smeared his chewing gum into my hair, and Kells let him run naked over the schoolyard for that.

From there on we were best friends, I even helped write the song for Vanessa Kley, who had not helped as much as he thought.
At 14, we were both in jail, just because we wanted to watch the film Halloween, but we where not old enough so we decided to go to the late show and this without the ticket of course .. I also encouraged him not to let this with the Rap, and look where he stands now, what am I just for a Good Best Friend.. #machinegunkelly #fanfiction
User Image mgks._.outfits Posted: Nov 17, 2017 7:35 PM (UTC)
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My migraine is bad today...
Thanks to @sighhbrie for the help!
What: round two × @utmostco bart t-shirt
How much: $48 (It's from grailed, the price may vary)
Where/when: via instagram, 23.08.17
#machinegunkelly #mgk #younggunner #est19xx #thesimpsons #bartsimpson
User Image chasingyahweh Posted: Nov 17, 2017 6:51 PM (UTC)
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#MachineGunKelly can post a picture of a nude woman showing #nipple and bare buttocks on his lap under the assumption she is to be #spanked, and this does not violate #Instagram 's Community Policy. (They have none.) Yet here is another #reality of #nudity.

#WorldWar2 #Holocaust #Jews

Taken shortly before they were gunned down.
User Image hannah_elaine23 Posted: Nov 17, 2017 6:39 PM (UTC)
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[Machine Gun Kelly:]
Look, I been through so much pain
And it's hard to maintain, any smile on my face
'Cause there's madness on my brain
So I gotta make it back, but my home ain't on the map
Gotta follow what I'm feeling to discover where it's at
I need the (memory)
In case this fate is forever, just to be sure these last days are better
And if I have any (enemies)
To give me the strength to look the devil in the face and make it home safe

Now tell me: how did all my dreams turn to nightmares?
How did I lose it when I was right there?
Now I'm so far that it feels like it's all gone to pieces
Tell me why the world never fights fair
I'm trying to find - Machine Gun Kelly!
#machinegunkelly @machinegunkelly #mgk #kells #thegunner #est #est19XX #everyonestandstogether #home #positivevibes #positivity #goodvibes #snapchat #glasses #blue #november #chilly #longhairdontcare #blonde #nosmile #love #happiness
User Image its5hsquad Posted: Nov 17, 2017 6:05 PM (UTC)
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User Image mak_travels Posted: Nov 17, 2017 6:05 PM (UTC)
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Eerie empty cells of Alcatraz. Weird being in the same place where the world's most notorious criminal were kept. .
. .
#maktravels #Alcatraz #california #sanfrancisco #island #jail #alcapone #machinegunkelly #gopro #goprophotography #goprohero5 #travel #solotravel #travelusa #adventure #eerie

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