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On October 17, 1977 (exactly 40 years ago) this fantastic album was released! Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Street Survivors” ... ok are you ready for this? Two days before today in 1977, Lynyrd Skynyrd embarks on their TOTS tour starting in Miami. Today in 1977, this album is released. Note the name “Street Survivors” and the fact that there is a tour schedule included in the album’s release. Now you might be asking the question... oh Carol, why the long face? Well I attempted to mimic the facial expression of the band members on the album cover and I tried to dress to match them too hence the “funny hat” and badass shirt I’m wearing... ok back to my story, so three days later from today back in 1977 the band members get in a horrific plane accident on their way from Greenville, SC to Baton Rouge, LA (ironically my parents are dating ppl that live in or around both of these cities 🤷🏼‍♀️) but anyways, this horrific accident kills the lead singer and a few other members of the band 😭 so that tour is considered “the tour that never happened” 😭 and any Superstitious person would point to the fact that including the tour schedule in the album and/or using the word “Survivors” in the title might have led to the untimely death of the band members.... or the plane was sh*tty and probably not up to par. But what do I know? I’m not the creator and/or pilot, but I am superstitious 😬 ok, so with all that being said if you scroll through my pics you’ll find one of me sitting at a piano, and it’s actually the piano that the first few verses of “Freebird” were written and a few years later this ENTIRE album was recorded and played first on that piano! If you look really really close on that pic, you’ll see a pic behind me of the band sitting around that piano with a whole bunch of “groupies” 😂 this was at the famous “Muscle Shoals Sound Studio” located about 2 hrs from where I currently live 😍 also if you keep on swiping you’ll hear my favorite from this album, “That Smell” which is ironic too b/c it talks about a “crash” 😬 ok. I’m done with the irony. The sad fact, is that this was the original Lynyrd Skynyrd band’s last studio album 😭 #lynyrdskynyrd #streetsurvivors
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#StreetSurvivors is the fifth album by #LynyrdSkynyrd. It was released on October 17, 1977. Three days later was the plane crash that killed Steve Gaines, Cassie Gaines and Ronnie Van Zant. The flames were immediately removed from the album cover. Rest In Peace. #SouthernRock #HardRock #RockAndRoll #Legends #ClassicAlbum #ThisDayInMusic #MusicHistory
FRIDAY NIGHT Skynyrd Reloaded - Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute band Rocks the Boiler Room with Special Guests the Rusty Dogs - Neil Young and Crazy Horse Tribute Band. October 20th 2017 marks the 40th anniversary of the passing of Lynyrd Skynyrd Leader Ronnie Van Zant's passing as well as Members Steve and Cassie Gaines. Join us for a special Tribute Show. $5 Cover. Music starts at 8pm. #murrieta #theboilerroom #temecula #lakeelsinore #skynardreloaded #rustydogs #lynyrdskynyrdtribute #lynyrdskynyrd #neilyoungandcrazyhorse
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No dia 17 de Outubro de 1977, Lynyrd Skynyrd lançava seu 5° álbum "Street Survivors".
Lunes 17 de octubre de 1977. Una banda icónica del llamado "rock sureño" lanzaba su quinto disco de estudio. Sería también el último con su formación original: Tan sólo tres días después de que esta placa viera la luz, un fatal accidente aéreo terminaría con la vida de tres integrantes del grupo (incluyendo su vocalista Ronnie Van Zant), lo que llevaría a una pausa que duraría una década, cuando los miembros sobrevivientes decidieron reunirse de nuevo. Entre la popularidad del grupo y el mencionado accidente, este álbum lograría el éxito comercial como los trabajos previos de esta banda. A 40 años de su aparición, rindo homenaje al quinto álbum de estudio de Lynyrd Skynyrd, Street Survivors 👏🎂🎁🎈🎸🎶🎤👏 #streetsurvivors #lynyrdskynyrd #rock #music #southernrock #bluesrock #ronnievanzant #garyrossington #happybirthday #homenajesbacanes #cumpleañosdediscosbacanes
Street Survivors is the fifth studio album by Southern rock band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, released on October 17, 1977 #lynyrdskynyrd

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