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Benefits of Sugaring:
1) Pure and Natural Ingredients.
2) No Risk of Burning.
3) Easier To Clean Up.
4) Sugar Paste Won't Stick to Live Skin.
5) Sugar Never Dries on Skin.
6) Sugaring is More Sanitary.
Blazer torches fully stocked . (Higher standards edition) (green limited color) plus blazer buddy, plus black Big shot all restocked @pnw_glass_and_vape
Check out this adorable Dr. Seuss cake display!

We only have one more b-day slot available in November & are already booking into December. Call (425)776-7121 to book a birthday party today!
. #birthdayparty #tlga #lynnwood #alderwood
We now carry Serious Serum by KIT at both locations! This is great for our sugaring clients who have issues with ingrown hair. It prevents and helps eliminate ingrown hair, but it also works amazing as a facial exfoliant, softens fine lines & gives you a gorgeous glow, blasts blemishes & beard bumps, banishes keratosis pilaris (rough, bumpy skin), heals cracked cuticles & calluses, and many more!

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